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No women, no slaves were alowed to take part in the ancient Olympic Games.

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Q: Were girls alowed in the first Olympics?
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Related questions

Who were alowed in the ancient Olympics?

man only

Why did the women in the ancient Olympics offend Zeus?

because they wasnt alowed to take part

Who could compete in the Ancient Greece Olympics?

men were the only ones alowed to compete

Why were women not alowed at the Greek Olympics?

It was a male festival in honour of the god Zeus. Women had their own religious festivals from which men were excluded.

How many girls won gold for the very first time at the Olympics?


Are Muslims alowed to sing?

No! muslims are not alowed to sing No

How was the education in renaissance are different in middle ages?

Girls were never alowed to go to school. They stayed home and learned to be an house wife.

How has the olympics changed since it first started?

the olympics has changed because they dont do it nude anymore also it has changed because they allow girls to compete.

What sports did athletes participate in at the first Olympics in ancient Greece?

Chariot Racing- something unfair was girls weren't allowed to go to Olympics or school in that time!

What would happen when the judge caught girls in the olyimpic?

First of all, girls are allowed in the Olympics ,as athletes and as a part of the crowd. This was allowed since the Modern Olympics started (1896-present).In the ancient Greek Olympics girls would not be allowed to do anything with the. She would thrown out.To answer your Question (answer): Nothing

When did girls soccer come to the Olympics?

The first women's football Olympic competition was at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

How many girls and boys competed at the first winter Olympics in 1924?

247 Men and 11 Women

When were girls allowed in the olympics?

Women were first allowed to participate in the modern Olympic games at the 1900 Paris games.

In the olympics do girls do in gymnastics?

Girls do compete in gymnastics in the olympics. They compete in four exercises: Balance Beam, Floor, Uneven Bars, and Vault.

What sports are included in the Summer Olympics for girls?

All games can be for girls.

Why was the first Olympic games done naked?

because zues didnt want girls playing the olympics but a girl disguised herself as a man and they didnt accept it so they made them do the olympics go naked

When was usain bolt first time in the Olympics?

His first Olympics were the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Are muslims alowed to cuss?


Why weren't girls allowed to compete in the Olympics?

Because they were girls and it was Ancient Greece

When did the Olympics start to let girls compete?

Women were able to participate in the Olympics starting in 1900.

Where girls allowed to join in the Olympics?


When was the first year the US participated in the Olympics?

1896 was the first time the United States participated in the Olympics, which was a Summer Olympics. The first Winter Olympics the U.S. participated in was in 1924.

When start the first Olympics?

the first olympics started in 1896

When and when was the first Olympics held?

the first Olympics where held in Greece

Who were in the first Olympics?

Ancient Greeks competed in the first olympics.