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The total table weight will be anywhere from 800 to 1200 pounds for a well built regulation pool table.

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Q: Weight of a regulation pool table?
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Bumper pool table size?

There is no regulation bumper pool table size.

What are the sizes for a pool table?

A pool table may be 7 foot (common bar table size), 8 foot (regulation), oversize 8 foot (regulation), 9 foot (regulation), and 10 foot (older tables generally).

Should a pool table be slate?

Yes. To be a regulation table it must be slate. To be sure you have a consistent playing surface that is similar to that of a regulation table, it must be slate. A pool table can have a different surface but it should not be expected to be idenitical in play as a slate table.

What is a professional pool table size?

There are 3 regulation pool table sizes. 9 foot, whihc used to be the only regulation size, and now 8 foot and oversize 8 foot are also regulation size.

What is the size of a regulation pool table?

Under BCA Rules, regulation pool tables sizes are 9 foot, 8 foot or the oversize 8 foot.

What are the dimensions of a regulation bumper pool table?

Although there is a National Bumper Pool Association in the US, they have not yet established a set of regulations for equipment and use the Billiard Congress of America rules. The BCA has no rule for bumper pool table regulation size.

What is the standard size of a pool table?

Under BCA and APA Rules, the regulation pool table sizes are 9 foot, 8 foot, and oversize 8 foot. Until fairly recently, a regulation size pool table was the 9 foot table which has a 100 inch by 50 inch playing surface. The 8 foot table was added to regulation size as well, and has a playing surface of 88 inches by 44 inches.

How much does a 7 foot slate pool table weight?

what it the average weight of a 7 foot slate pool table

What is the standard height for a pool table?

In the US a regulation pool table is required to have a surface that is 29 1/2 inches to 30 1/2 inches above the floor.

What are the angles in a pool table?

The only angles on a pool table are the corners and the pocket rail angles. All corners are at 90 degrees. The pocket angles can vary but can be determined by measuring or averaged by use of the pocket measurements allowed on a regulation table.

How do you convert dining table to pool table?

While you could convert a dining room table to a pool table, it would be too high to be considered a regulation table, and may not even be comfortable to play on. It certainly would not be a good practice table. More likely, if you have limited room, is to use a pool table and convert it, by placing the proper top on it, into a dining room table. These are sold commercially and can be found on the internet.

How should you measure a 8 ball pool table?

The table is measured from rail to rail, the playing surface. The regulation pool table sizes will measure 100 inches by 50 inches (9 foot table) or 88 inches by 44 inches (8 foot table) or 92 inches by 46 inches (oversize 8 foot table).

What is a Jr. size pool table?

The smallest pool tables made that generally conform to regulation pool tables is the 6 foot table. This is often referred to as a junior size. Smaller sizes are generally toys, and larger sizes are in regular use, from 7 foot to 10 foot.

What is weight of 7 ft slate pool table?

This can be from about 360 to 500 pounds. The 7 foot table may be 3/4 inch slate or 1 inch slate, and table construction will affect the weight of the table.

What is the weight of a slate pool table?

A lot! Anywhere from about 700 - 1000 lbs.

What is regulation size pool table?

In order to answer this question you need to set up an equation: let p= pool table length 30=3/2p *you can multiply by 2/3 or divide 3/2 (same thing) p=20 ft

Can a pool table have 8 pockets?

No, if a pool table is not configured as a 6 pocket pool table it is not a pool table today.

What is the difference between a slate and a non slate pool table?

The first difference is cost, as slate tables cost more. The second difference is weight, as a slate table weighs more than non-slate. The third difference is "playability". A non-slate table and a slate table that has less than one inch slate will not provide the same tolerances and ball reactions as compared to a quality one inch slate table. This third item is the reason all regulation pool tables are required to have one inch slate.

6 P on a P T?

6 Pockets on a Pool Table

How long in regulation size ping pong table?

an ITTF regulation table is 9 feet long.

What is the regulation size of a beer pong table?

Table top regulation is 8'x2' at a height of 27.5"

How do you convert a pool table to a dining table?

A wooden or laminate surface of the proper siize needs to be purchased from a woodworker or a supplier such as Home Depot, Lowes or other lumber supply. The contact side should be lined with felt or other fabric to prevent damage to the pool table. The weight alone is sufficent to kepp it in place after laying it across the pool table.

Why is a pool table called a pool table?

It is a pocket billiards table, but during the 1920's men would "pool" their money for betting, hence the name pool table came to use. The common term used today is "pool table".

What is the size of a pub pool table?

The typical bar or pub uses a coin-operated 7 foot table. In addition to the table being smaller than regulation, it typically uses a magnetic cue ball, heavier than a normal cue ball.

What is the difference between a pool table and a billiard table -?

a pool table has balls but billard table has balls to play i would reccommed the pool table