Wear should a sniper aim for a kill shot?

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2009-11-16 04:10:03

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center of the chest

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2009-11-16 04:10:03
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Q: Wear should a sniper aim for a kill shot?
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HOW TO kill a elite with one shot in halo?

sniper head shot

Where is the sniper on grand theft auto Chinatown wars?

there is a mission called one shot one kill and you get a sniper

Would a shot from a sniper kill instantly?

Only if he strikes a vital area.

Do you in battlefield play4free kill someone with sniper in one shot?

No only headshot

What is the official marine corps sniper motto?

One shot - one kill

What is the most powerful sniper in mw3?

In my opinion it is the MSR sniper. It has a slow fire rate and it is bolt-action, but it is always a one hit kill in hardcore and is almost always a one shot kill in core if it is an accurate or close range shot

What is the world longest sniper shot?

The 2Nd longest sniper Shot ever taken place was By a Canadian sniper on tour in Afghanistan, rack up two kills from about 2.5miles! and finally the farthest sniper kill was from a British solider also on tour in Afghanistan taking a life at about 3.1miles!

What gun is good for hunting bore?

m4oa3 sniper rifle, band scope full metal jacket bullets should kill in one shot to the head

What rude shock awaited the sniper in The Sniper?

He had shot his brother.

What sniper rifle has the longest range?

The longest sniper rifle shot ever confirmed was at a range of exactly 8,120ft. The shot was made with a Accuracy International L115A3 sniper.

Sniper tips for gears of war?

i am a expert sniper so here are some tips:1.never shot a enemy while he runs 2.kill the sniper to on mutliplayer wheither bot or human they are the main targets. 3.consurve ammo the last thing you eant to happen is lose all your ammo and not get the final kill. 4.never trade the shotgun with the sniper if you do get upclose in personal its your best weapon lncer can get screwed up when shot at

In Call of Duty how to kill sniper?

The best way to kill a sniper is to snipe him yourself! Although this may sound stupid this is the easiest way. Supposing your target is in a sniper post first you must find a place where no-one else is and where you can get a clear shot through to the sniper then use your scope and get him!!! Sources:I got 3 headshots on the same guy by using this method.

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