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steve mcnair

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Q: Was vince young the quarterback for the titans when they went to the Super Bowl?
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Who is the quarterback for the Tennessee Titans?

For the 2010 season Vince Young is the Titans starting quarterback.

How old is vince young from the titans?

Tennessee Titans Quarterback Vince Young is 25 years old. He was born 5.18.1983.

Who is the present quarterback of Tennessee Titans?

Vince Young.

Tennessee Titans starting quarterback?

Vince Young.

What is Vince Young's team status with the Titans?

He is their starting quarterback.

Who is the present quarterback for the Tennessee Titans?

Vince Young is presently starting quarterback; Kerry Collins is presently his backup.

What is the name of the quarterback of the Tennessee Titans as of November 29th 2009?

Vince Young-#10

Who was the first black quarterback to win Rookie of the Year in the NFL?

Vince Young of the Tennessee Titans in 2006.

Who was the Tennessee Titans quarterback for the fourth quarter of the Pittsburgh Steelers game on September 19 2010?

Kerry Collins was the Titans quarterback in the 4th quarter. He replaced Vince Young.

Who was quarterback for Tennessee Titans?

Since moving to Tennessee the Titans have started four quarterbacks - Steve McNair, Billy Volek, Vince Young, and Kerry Collins.

Who was the first African-American quarterback to start and win in the Super Bowl?

Vince young.

2006 NFL draft first quarterback chosen?

Vince Young of Texas was the 1st quarterback selected in the 2006 NFL draft. He was taken by the Tennessee Titans with the 3rd overall selection in the draft.

What NFL team does Vince Young play for?

Vince Young plays for the Tennesse Titans

First quarterback selected in the 2006?

The first QB selected in the 2006 NFL draft was Vince Young of the University of Texas, selected by the Tennessee Titans.

What is Vince Young's quarterback rating in 2010?

98.6 quarterback rating.

Who is the Tennessee Titans starter?

Vince Young.

Who would win the jets or titans?

titans cause vince young is beast

Who is the current quarterback of the Tennessee Titans?

If he hasn't been suspended (which i don't think) Vince Young. But he got hurt so the new starting QB is Kerry Collins.

Who is the quarter back for the Tennessee Titans?

Vince Young.

Will Vince Young play for the titans next year?


Is Vince Young still with the Tennessee Titans?


How old is Vince Young?

Former NFL quarterback Vince Young is 34 years old (birthdate: May 18, 1983).

Is there an NFL player with the last name of Young?

Yes Vince Young with the Tennessee Titans

Who was the quarterback at Texas before colt mcoy?

Vince Young

What is vince young doing today?

Presently he is backup quarterback with the Buffalo Bills.