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The Stanley Cup was created to be a trophy, not a serving bowl.

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Q: Was there once a ladel that went with the Stanley Cup?
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When is the last time the ducks went to the Stanley cup?

The Ducks went to and won the Stanley Cup in 2007.

When did phildelphia win the Stanley cup?

The Philadelphia Flyers have won the Stanley cup two times, once in 1974 and once in 1975.

When is the last time the Blackhawks went to the Stanley cup?


How many teams have won the Stanley Cup in 8 games?

The Stanley cup finals have only went up to 7 games and never past.

Who beat the Canucks and went on to win Stanley cup?

boston bruins

How many times has the Stanley cup been to Newfoundland?


Did the capitals ever go to the stanley cup?

Yes, once.

Was there once a silver ladle with the Stanley cup?

yes there once was. they used to to distrbute champagne/beer out of the cup however it is now missing.

How many times has Sidney Crosby won the Stanley Cup?

Sidney Crosby has won the Stanley cup once, in 2009. He became the youngest captain to win the Stanley Cup, just under 22 years of age.

How many times has an eight seed won the Stanley Cup?


Have the capitals ever played in the Stanley Cup finals?

Yes, once.

How many times have the lightnings won the Stanley cup?

As of 2017, once.

Who is the donator of the Stanley cup?

The Stanley Cup was donated by Lord Stanley

Which is older grey cup or the Stanley cup?

The Stanley Cup Is Older.

What is the longest the NY Rangers went without winning a Stanley cup?

1941 to 1993, 53 seasons. The Rangers won Stanley Cup in both 1940 and 1994.

Have the Vancouver Canucks made it to game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals?

Yes. The Vancouver Canucks went to a game 7 in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals against the Boston Bruins.

Do the words Stanley cup appear on the Stanley cup?


How many times has the Toronto arenas won the Stanley cup?

Once in 1918.

Did the capitals play in the stanley cup?

They've been to the finals once, in 1998.

How many times have the Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup?

Once, in the '98-'99 season.Once.In the 1998-1999 season.The Dallas Stars won their only Stanley Cup in 1999.Once, in the 1998-99 season.

When did the Buffalo Sabres win the Stanley Cup?

The Buffalo Sabres have never won the Stanley Cup. They went to the Stanley Cup finals twice. The first time was in 1975 against the Philadelphia Flyers, where they lost in 6 games. The second in 1999 was another loss in 6 to the Dallas Stars.

How many Stanley cups did Eric lindros have?

None: Lindros played in the Stanley Cup Finals only once, in 1997. Lindros and the Philadelphia Flyers were swept in four games by the Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings.

How many times have the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup?

The Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup once.Their only Stanley Cup in franchise history in came in 2006 by defeating the Edmonton Oilers in 7 games.

When was Stanley Cup created?

Stanley Cup was created in 1893.

Have the washington capitals ever been to a stanley cup?

The Washington Capitals have been to the Stanley Cup playoffs once in 1998, losing to the Detroit Red Wings in four straight games.