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Yes there was. If you get a holding call on your first down, you will go back 10 yards but it will still be a first down.

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Q: Was there ever a football 20 yard first down?
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What does the term first down mean in football?

In football, a first down is attained when an offensive team makes its first 10 yard goal. The offensive team has four tries to move the football 10 yards each try. Every time 10 yards is reached, it is a first down.

In football 10 yards are required for a first down Knowing that a yard is three feet and a foot is 12 inches how many inches are required for a first down?

360 inches are required for a first down

How does football 10 yard line appear on television screens?

If you are talking about the line ofscrimmage or the First down line it is animated.

Can the team that kicks off the football recover the football 40 yard down field?


In hs football does a late hit constitute an automatic first down?

In college and the NFL, yes. In high school it is not an automatic first down, but in most circumstances the 15-yard penalty will result in a first down anyway.

Can you give me a sentence for the word automatic?

In pro football, defensive holding results in a five yard penalty and an automatic first down.

Did Nelly ever play football in high school?

Yes, he also played the role as a football player in the movie "The Longest Yard".

Origin of red zone in football?

from the 20 yard line to the back of the touch down

In a football game can it be first and 1?

If, after gaining a first down, a player is tackled at the one yard line, then it would be 1st and 1. Some may consider this 1st and goal.

Is a football field a foot or a yard?


What is loss of yardage in football?

A loss of yardage in football is when someone on the team holds the football in his/her hand(s)/arm(s) and someone on the other team tackles the person with the football before the person with the football can advance across the line in which the play started. For example: the team with the football start on the fifty yard line and they need to advance the ball to the forty yard line for a first down. The football gets snapped to the quarterback. The quarterback has two options: run with the football or throw the football to someone on his/her team so the team can attempt to get the ball across the forty yard line. The quarterback notices that someone on the other team is running at him/her and runs backwards to the forty yard line. Before the quarterback has the chance to either run with the football or throw the football, the person tackles the quarterback at the forty yard line resulting in a ten yard loss.

How many in are inches 1 yd football yard?

36 inches in a yard, football or otherwise.

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