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There is no record of any Baseball team from Detroit called the Creamers around 1900. Detroit, Michigan has only had the Tigers baseball team since they started playing in the early 1900's. Perhaps the Creamers was a local factory team that played for fun in Detroit.

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Q: Was there ever a baseball team from Detroit called the Creamers around 1900?
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Were the Detroit Tigers ever called the Creamers?

Since their entry into the American League in 1901, the Detroit team has always been known as the Tigers. There was a team from Detroit that played in the National League between 1881-1888 that was known as the Wolverines.

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No, the Tigers have been the Tigers since the team was first started. There was at one time a Detroit baseball team called the Wolverines, but they disbanded after 1888. Between then and 1894, when the Tigers formed, there were several attempts to start a baseball club in Detroit, but none of them lasted much more than a year and I can't find any reference to what names they went by. I'm assuming the question refers to the Detroit Major League Baseball team. There could have been any number of high school teams that were at one time called the Spartans and are now called the Tigers, but if you mean one of them you'd have to be more specific in your question (and frankly, I wouldn't count on an answer, because nobody who isn't from that high school is likely to know or care what their team used to be called).

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