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No, not really

Vancouver Olympic starts at 2010!!!

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Q: Was there any changes to figure skating in the Olympics even?
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Who won gold in woman's figure skating?

It depends what year of the Olympics you're talking about. If you're talking about this year, 2010, then the woman's figure skating hasn't even happened yet, it happens tonight. (February 23, 2010)

Who discovered figure skating?

No one even knows when figure skating was invented, let alone WHO invented it!

How can you use figure skating in a sentence?

On the day of Natalia's first figure skating competition, she did great and got first place. Natalia's favorite sport of all time is figure skating, even though she wasn't good at it.

What is the legal age to be in figure ice skating?

you can actually be any age. there are even infants that are in figure skating at the place i go & the one i used to go to.

During what season is figure skating played?

Figure skating is a year- round sport, but skaters train especially hard during the summer because there is soooooooo much extra time without school to worry about. If one stopped skating for even a few weeks, their jumps would be hard to land when they get back. I myself had my appendix removed and I wasn't allowed to skate for two weeks and I could barely land a double flip.Figure skating is in the winter Olympics.

What is the hardest jump in figure skating?

Triple Axel, but even harder is the quad jumps

Do 14 year olds still think ice skating is fun?

I do.... I compete all the time.... you may even see me in the olympics!

What is use for ics?

Ice is used to make food cold(ice packs),heals cuts(depends how severe it is),and sometimes even for science experiments.Also ice is used for hockey,skating,and figure skating.

What can you do to persuade your parents to let you take figure skating?

You could always threaten them, although some think that that is not the best way. If you show yourself useful around the house (helping with chores, being obedient, etc.) then maybe they will let you. If you get a job and show that you are being serious about figure skating and giving them the money to support the household, then maybe they can see that figure skating could earn them even more money if you are very talented.

When did Even Lysacekstart skating?

EVAN Lysacek started skating when he was 8.

What force is responsible for the slowing down of a figure skater as he slides across the skating rink?

Friction with the air and even on ice will slow the skater down to a stop.

Which is better for a 14 year old to do as a beginner dance or ice skating?

dance, definatly. figure skating is much too hard. im in Pre-juv, that means i have already passed 2 rounds of a series of level. it has taken me 3 1/2 years to get here. that's still not as far as my friends! its too hard. dance, has more flexibility. figure skating soon becomes your life. Dance is also more stable. figure skating i can assure you, about twice a month you will cry. from stress, the hard work, school. and 14 years old?! does she even no how to get on the skates? i think dance. but that's my opinion. i love figure skating so much. i am addicted. this is all coming from a 12 year old.

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