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Sharif hafezi was not a pharoah but a close relative of pharoah Heta hatata. There is some reference on Google searches to an Egyptian martial art known as boga tan but it remains unconfirmed as does its alleged inventor jewell-jole da.

Other searches on Google with name sharif hafezi reveal 2 people from UK.

1. an Islamic philosopher, who has lectured widely on a range of contemporary issues including the existence of God. An advisor to a member of the UK Parliament

2. a lesser known sharif hafezi abu laith from Glasgow mentioned on some forums on Google.

in addition:

There is a university in Iran known as Sharif University, and there is a town in Iran called Hafezi. I think in origin Hafezi is a Persian word and not connected to Pharoahs.

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Q: Was there an egytian pharaoh called sharif hafezi. he is supposed to have invented some sort of karate knon as boga tan?
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