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The WHA-NHL Merger occured in 1979.

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Q: Was there a merger in the NHL?
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When did the Winnipeg jets enter the NHL?

during th WHA-NHL merger in 1979.

How long have the Edmonton Oilers been part of the NHL?

The Oilers were founded on November 1st, 1971, as a franchise of the World Hockey Association, subsequently joining the NHL in 1979 as one of four franchises introduced through the NHL merger with the WHA.

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Why were the Winnipeg Jets introduced to the NHL in 1979?

The Jets were one of four teams from the World Hockey Association (WHA) to join the National Hockey League in 1979. The others were the Hartford (New England) Whalers, Edmonton Oilers, and Quebec Nordiques. These were four of the most stable and successful franchises in the WHA, which was a second major hockey league founded in 1972 to compete with the NHL. The WHA and NHL agreed to merge in 1979, and as part of the merger the NHL agreed to accept the Jets, Whalers, Oilers, and Nordiques as new NHL franchises.

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