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No if a goal is given during the match then it will stand afterwards. The scorer of the goal can be changed as can bans resulting from cards.

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Q: Was there a goal that was accepted during the match then denied after?
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Can a soccer goalie be substituted during penalty kicks?

"Penalty kicks" refer to the kicks awarded during a match and not the ones after a match to decide the winner, those are called "kicks from the mark." A goal keeper may be substituted for prior to a penalty kick during the match, if the goal keeper's team has substitutions remaining. A goal keeper may only be substituted during kicks from the mark if they are injured and only if the goal keeper's team has substitutions remaining. Naming a field player as the new goal keeper is always an option, but that is not a substitution.

Who are the people that stand behind the goals during an AFL match?

The Goal Umpires

How do you restart a match after a goal?

The match is restarted with a kick-off after a goal.

Why didn't the refferi give the goal to Ghana when they were going vs urugway because the person who made the penalty did it on purpose during fifa world cup 2010?

You are referring to the deliberate handling by Suarez in the goal mouth to prevent a match-winning goal in the second extra time. Uruguay went on to win the match during kicks from the penalty mark. The referee does not have the authority to give a goal that did not cross the goal line, under any circumstances. If the referee had tried, the match results would have been contested and overturned.

Is the ball dead after a missed penalty kick in soccer?

During a match, no, unless the ball leaves play (for example if it crosses the goal line outside of the goal).

What areas of the court is centre c allowed to play in during a match?

Everywhere besides the goal circles at each end

How many goal has Pele scored?

Pele scores in official matches 767 goal (831 match). In Friendly games, he score 517 goal (544 match). Overall scored he 1284 goal in 1375 match.

What is the goal that leads to the conflict for the protagonist in initiation?

Her goal is to get accepted into the sorority.

Does a football match have to be restarted after a goal at the end of the match?


What do you call a goal scored in overtime of a soccer match?

It is merely "a goal."

When is a goal scored in a football match?

A goal is scored when the ball passes the line!

Who soccer the goal of the year 2008 in premier league?

The BBC Match of the Day Goal of the year 2008/09 was scored by Glen Johnson for Portsmouth during the league game against Hull on 22-Nov-2008.

Who scored the American goal in the world cup match against England 2010?

The person who scored the American goal in the world cup match is Clint Dempsey.

Which team score highest goal in a match during fifa football world cup 2010?

Portugal scored 7 goals verses North Korea.

Which team scored highest goal in a match during fifa football world cup-2010?

It was Portugal with a 7-0 win over North korea.

Did a c Milan win last night?

Yes A.C. Milan won their match with a goal from Zalatan Ibrahimovic.

England vs Slovenia match who scored the goal?

Jermain Defoe of England scored the goal.

What is the goal of a t20 cricket match?

T20 Goal is entertain people in short time :P

Which Liverpool youngster was cruelly denied a winning goal and his first goal by Phil Neville in the 200708 Merseyside Derby at Goodison Park?

Lucas Leiva

What happens when football bursts and enters the goal?

Replacement of a defective ballIf the ball bursts or becomes defective during the course of a match: The match is stoppedThe match is restarted by dropping the replacement ball at the place where the original ball became defective, unless play was stopped inside the goal area, in which case the referee drops the replacement ball on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the original ball was located when play was stoppedIf the ball bursts or becomes defective during a penalty kick or during kicks from the penalty mark as it moves forward and before it touches any player or the crossbar or goalposts:the penalty kick is retakenIf the ball bursts or becomes defective whilst not in play at a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, free kick, penalty kick or throw-in:the match is restarted accordinglyThe ball may not be changed during the match without the authority of the referee.

Did messi score 5 goals in one match?

no ronaldo scored 8 goal in one match

How do you get riding bicycles achievement on FIFA 12?

Get a bike goal in a match (I believe you cannot do this in an exhibition match).

Who were United Playing When Peter Schmichael scored a goal in European match?

He was not a united player when he score that goal!

Who scored the winning goal in the final match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Andrés Iniesta (Spain) scored the winning goal for Spain in the 116th minute of the final match.

Who scored the first goal Ireland v England Lansdowne Road on 15.2.95?

David Kelly scored the first goal for Ireland. It came after 21 minutes. David Platt scored what would have been England's first goal, but it was disallowed. The match was abandoned shortly after that due to a riot. So David Kelly's goal was the first and only goal of the match.