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of course not

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Q: Was there a four point shooting line in college basketball?
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Who has the most four point plays in college basketball history?

Aaron Carter

Why wasn't there a 3-point line in the 1982 men's NCAA final four championship?

The 3-point shot wasn't introduced into college basketball until 1986.

What is a four point play in basketball?

you cannot score 4 points in one play in basketball. When a shooter is attempting a 3 pt shot and is fouled in the act of shooting and still makes the shot. They also get a chance at a free throw

What college basketball team has the best recruting classs this year?

Duke is generally considered the best class for next season, with the nation's top player in center Jahlil Okafor, number four point guard Tyus Jones, number sixteen small forward Justise Winslow, and number thirty four shooting guard Grayson Allen.

What is a two guard?

The two-guard is the shooting guard. The name comes from the numbers coaches use to reference the five positions on the floor in basketball. The one is the point guard, the two is the shooting guard, the three is the small forward, the four is the power forward, and the five is the center.

Are there four quarters in a women's college basketball game?


What year had the lowest seeds in the Final Four of college basketball?


What are the four basic kinds of shooting in basketball?

Arked Shot, Granny Shot, Hook Shot, Balanced Shot

What year did all four number one seeds make it to the final four in college basketball?


What is the one the two and the three on a basketball court?

I don't know if this is what you mean, but the positions are numbered as follows..The Point Guard is one, the Shooting Guard is two, the Small Forward is three, the Power Forward is the four and the Center is the five.

What college is VCU of the NCAA basketball final four?

Virginia Commonwealth University

Where did Oklahomas Basketball Coach go to College?

Oklahoma's basketball coach, Jeff Capel, was a four year starter at Duke University from 1994-97.

Who were the final four in college basketball in 1995?

UCLA, Arkansas, Oklahoma State and North Carolina.

Has any college basketball team ever gone unbeaten all the to final four?

ucla and Indiana

Who was the last Mid Major College to go to the Final Four in NCAA Basketball?

George Mason University

How can you play basketball at college in America from the UK?

No offense but the U.K. sucks at basketball, a four year old from America could beat any Brit in basketball. Dont even think about playing here!

What 5 college basketball teams have highest GPA?

The Florida Gators basketball team has the highest GPA. The next four are Kentucky, Rollins, Yale, and Harvard. These are the top 5 GPA NCAA basketball teams.

Where is the NCAA Final Four being played?

This year's (2008) Men's NCAA college basketball Final Four is being held at: San Antonio, Texas.

How many minutes of playtime are there in a basketball game?

Four quarters of 12 minutes each in professional basketball for 48 minutes College is 10 minute quarters for 40 minutes.

Did martell Webster go to college?

Martell Webster went to the University of Washington for four years. He played basketball the entire time he was there and then went to the NBA to play basketball also.

Do you need a four year college degree to be a basketball player?

No. The only NBA rule involving going to college is that you must go to college for at least 1 year to be eligible for the NBA draft.

How many pointers can you get in basketball?

You can get up to 4 points. You can get 1 point for every freethrow you make when you are fouled. Two points for every basket you make inside the 3-point line. 3 points for every basket you make outside the 3-point line and 4 points if you were to get fouled while shooting the 3, therefore if you make your freethrow making it four points all together.

Who was the final four in college basketball in 2012?

Kentucky Wildcats, Louisville Cardinals, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Kansas Jayhawaks

What is one of the four standard rifle shooting positions?

The four rifle shooting positions are standiing, sitting, kneeling, and prone.

How popular is women's college basketball compared to men's college basketball?

Mens college basketball is astronomically more popular than the womens. Not even women watch the womens version. An example of how much more popular it is. The Ncaa Final Four are officially called the Men's tournament and women's tournament. However the men's version is referred to as "Te Tournament" and the women's as, "The Woman's Tournament."