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no there was not

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Q: Was there a football player that dropped weights on his neck and decapitated himself?
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Who dropped weights from the top of a tower to prove that gravity affects everything equally?


How did Margaret clitherowe die?

she was sandwiched between a rock and a wooden slab and then weights were dropped on top of her and she died

What is the difference between a footballer and a weightlifter?

footballer plays football and a weightlifter lifts weights.

What actors and actresses appeared in Freedom with Free Weights - 2004?

The cast of Freedom with Free Weights - 2004 includes: Dave Nathan as himself

How many months a year do serious high school football players lift weights?

Twelve months

Does Bony Wilfried the football player for swansea do weights?

Yes, the Swansea City Football Club's exercise curriculum calls for both upper and lower body workouts for hours a day.

What three very different sizes and weights are dropped off a tower on the moon Which factor of the objects will determine which hits the ground first?

Assuming that each object is held with its center of gravity at the same height, and that each is dropped cleanly, with no rotation induced, the one whose lowest part is closest to the ground when dropped will hit first.

How do you get agility for football?

Use an agility ladder and do it and also you can do different moves on also try using ankle weights with it helps a lot.

How much does bret bielema weigh?

It is not known how much Bret Bielema weights. Bret Bielema is an American college football coach.

High school football program start up costs?

Our school just got 8 man football this year, cost us 20,000 for pads, helmets, jerseys, weights and various other objects.

Why will a 10 pound weight take just as long to hit the ground as a 5 pound weight dropped at the same time form the same height?

Both weights will fall at the same rate due to gravity. The acceleration due to gravity is constant regardless of the mass of the object, so both weights will reach the ground at the same time when dropped from the same height.

When did rugby football go metric?

The UK changes its measurement system from imperial to metric in the 1980's. This was to coincide with European Legislation on weights and measures.