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Right about the time I attended Notre Dame HS in Niles (late '80s), Bunker Hill Golf Club was located on Milwaukee Ave. It was just south of Przybylo's White Eagle banquet hall on the east side of the street. If I rememver correctly, it was run by the Forest Preserve and had an American Legion post nearby. It was turned into condos in the early '90s, which I think is called Bunker Hill. In the late 80s there wasn't a Bunker Hill Golf Club. It was already a forest preserve back in the late 50's. The club house was located on Milwaukee ave, just south of Trumba's There was a bridge that crossed the north branch of the Chicago River behind the club house. There are still visible signs of golf course bunkers in the forest preserve. The club house was eventually turned into a V.F.W. hall with a cannon out front. The bridge behind the club house was torn down and the concrete still remains on both sides of the river.

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Q: Was there a Bunker Hill Golf Club or Country Club in Chicago?
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