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Yes, his name is Curtis Martin. He played for the Patriots from 1995-1997.

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2010-12-29 23:16:03
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Q: Was their a player martin that worn the number 28 for the New England Patriots?
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Was there a player by the last name martin that played for New England Patriots and wore the number 28?

Yes, RB Curtis Martin between 1995-1997.

Who is player number 4 for England?

There are currently no number 4s on the Patriots.

What player wore number 20 for the New England Patriots?

Gino Cappelletti.

What player wore number 58 for the New England Patriots?

Pierre Woods an outside linebacker currently wears number 58 for the Patriots

What player earned offensive rookie of the year in 1995?

That was running back Curtis Martin of the New England Patriots.

What player wore number 69 for the New England Patriots?

The only notable player was Eugene Chung.

What player wore number 28 for the New England Patriots in 2006?

Corey Dillon was number 28.

Who is the tallest New England Patriots player?

no one cares about the new england patriots

Which New England Patriots player wears number 39?

Currently, running back Danny Woodhead wears #39 for the Patriots.

What player worn number 28 in 2001 for the patriots?

Running Back J.R. Redmond wore 21 for the 2001 New England Patriots.

Who wears number 49 for New England Patriots?

No player on the current 2009 roster of the New England Patriots is wearing jersey number 49. In 2008, linebacker Vince Redd wore number 49. Redd took part in the Patriots 2009 training camp, but he was released August 2, 2009 by the Patriots.

Who wore number 39 for the New England Patriots?

Danny Woodhead currently wears number 39 for the Patriots. The most famous player to wear the number is running back Sam Cunningham.

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