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Yes. The electric light bulb was invented in 1879 and Basketball was invented in 1891.

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Q: Was the light bulb created before basketball?
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When was the fluorescent light bulb created?

The fluorescent light bulb was introduced in 1938.

What sources of light were used before the light bulb?

Candles were one source of lighting before electric light bulb was invented.

What were the Forms of light before the light bulb?

one form was a candle and oil lamps that was used a lot before the light bulb

Who was the man who made the light bulb?

The light bulb was created by Thomas Alva Edison.

When and where was the light bulb created?

2006 in neweptinshire

What year was the light bulb invented by Thomas Edison?

The light bulb was created in 1882 by Thomas Edison.

How Did Joseph Wilson Swan invent the light bulb?

Joseph Wilson swan created the light bulb in 1822

What year did they make the light bulb?

1879 and was created by Thomas Edison. There was an idea of a light bulb for 50 years.

What happened before the light bulb was invented?

they had lamps

When was the light bulb created?

During the 18th n 19th century, (the industrial revolution)

Who created the florescent light bulb?

"The one who created the florescent light bulb is Thomas Edison." That is wrong. Edison was the first person to invent a practical incandescent light bulb that lasted more than a few weeks.

Did Louis Pasteur invent the light bulb?

No he did not. He is associated with the invention of pasteurisation. He also invented some vaccinations. Thomas Edison is generally given credit for inventing the light bulb, though others had created them before he did.

Does Edison's light bulb still burn in Smithsonian?

the first light bulb was created over 200 years ago but sadly the light bulb stopped working when a stanger took the light bulb from the museum 20 years ago.

When was the first light bulb created?

lightbulb was created in january 27 1880

When was light bulb Sun created?

Lightbulb Sun was created in 1920-11.

Who invented the record player and the light bulb?

Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb - he improved it so that it would last longer than it did before. The light bulb was invented by Cornish chemist Humphry Davy in 1802.

What did the early settlers use to light their homes before the invention of the light bulb?


What was used as light before the light bulb?

Kerosene lamps, torches, candles, etc.

Who really created the first light bulb?

thomas Edison did

Why do you like Thomas Edison?

because he created the light bulb!

Who first created light?

The bulb was invented by Thomas Edison.

Who created to improve the life of the light bulb?

Nikola Tesla

Do you like Thomas Edison?

because he created the light bulb!

When did Thomas Edison improve the light bulb?

thomas Edison didn't exactly "improve" the light bulb; he created a new type called an electric light bulb... ok so maybe he did improve it...

How many mistakes were made before the light bulb was invented?