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yes the famous Cassius clay vs. sonny liston fight was telivised

yes, it was televised, and should be available on you

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Q: Was the first Cassius Clay-Sonny Liston fight televised and what time?
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Was the first Cassius Clay Sonny Liston fight televised and what time?

Nom, 7pm

Was the second Cassius Clay Sonny Liston fight televised?

yes, and you can find it on you tube.

Was the Sonny Liston vs Cassius Clay fight in February 1964 broadcast live to the UK?

The Sonny Liston and Cassius Clay fight on February 25, 1964, was not broadcast or televised in the UK. It took place at the Convention Hall in Miami Beach, Florida.

Where did Cassius clay fight sonny liston?

Lewiston, Maine.

Who won the first fight between Cassius Clay and Sonny Liston?

Cassius Clay. February 25, 1964. Liston failed to come out for the 7th. ALI BEAT HIM TWO TIMES.

When did Cassius Clay change his name to.?

while he converted to Islam before his first fight with liston, it wasn't until shortly afterward he announced his conversion, and his name change, first to Cassius x and then to Muhammad ali.

What was the weight of Cassius clay when he fought sonny liston?

For the first fight in Miami, Ali weighed 210 1/2 pounds and Liston weighed 218 pounds. Click on the 'Clay/Liston Intro' link below to see a tape of the fighters entering the ring and being introduced before the first fight.

How many world title fights did Muhammad Ali box in under his original name of Cassius Clay?

Clay/Ali fought in only one professional title fight as Cassius Clay. February 25, 1964 Clay beat Sonny Liston (Liston quit on his stool due to a shoulder injury in the 7th Rd)to become the World Heavyweight Champion. He then changed his name to "Muhammad X" and then Muhammad Ali before his rematch with Liston on May 25, 1964 (Ali won this fight with a 1st Rd KO).

Which championship fight in the mid-60's lasted two minutes?

Sonny Liston vs Cassius Clay (Mohammad Ali) Lewiston Maine early 1960's

When was Cassius clay converted in to Muslim?

1964, prior to his first fight with Sonny Liston. But he didn't announce his conversion until after he won the title, because Elijah Muhammad wanted nothing to do with him if he lost.

When was Cassius Clay's first televised fight?

As a Pro it was July 27, 1961 against Alonzo Johnson at the Freedom Hall State Fairground, Louisville, Kentucky. It was his 8th Pro bout.

Where was the Fight of the Century Muhammad ali vs Sonny Liston?

"The Fight of the Century" was called Ali's fight against Joe Frazier, not Sonny Liston. The two fights against Sonny Liston were in Miami Beach, Florida and in Lewistone, Maine. The Fight of the Century against Frazier, however, took place in New York City, NY.

Why do Brutus and Cassius fight before entering battle?

U are awesome. Brutus and Cassius fight because Brutus was angry at CAssius. When Cassius was sleeping Brutus came in with a knife. SO close that almost Cassius died but no Cassius woke up and took a knife beside him and knife fight Brutus. It was so long because Cassius threw a knife at Brutus And Brutus DIED

What round did Muhammad ali beat sonny liston?

liston retired after the 7th round in his first fight, claiming a shouder injury.

What round did Muhammed Ali knock out Sonny Liston?

Muhammed Ali knocked out the fighter Sonny Liston in the first round of the fight. This happened when he saw a chance to do so 2:05 minutes into the fight.

What year did Muhammad ali fight sonny liston?


Who did ali fight when he won his first heavywieght?

sonny liston

Who did muhammed ali fight after he changed his name?

The rematch with Sonny Liston was his first fight after he changed his name.

Who did Muhammad ali fight for his first world title?

Sonny Liston

How much did Muhammad Ali get paid to fight Sonny Liston?


Who did Muhammad ali fight to win his first champion ship?

Sonny Liston.

Did Sonny Liston cheat against ali?

It has never been proven Sonny Liston cheated. Sonny's corner claimed Ali's blindness was due to chemicals used to treat Liston's cut in the fight. However a boxing historian, Bert Sugar, found at least two other bouts of Liston's with similar occurrences. That in addition with Liston's street lifestyle and prior criminal record was enough to suggest Liston was involved in foul play in the view of many boxing critics.

What are the release dates for World's Heavyweight Championship Fight Floyd Patterson vs- Charles 'Sonny' Liston - 1962?

World's Heavyweight Championship Fight Floyd Patterson vs- Charles 'Sonny' Liston - 1962 was released on: USA: 1962

What did Mohammad ali wear in historic fight against sonny liston?

white trunks

When did Ali knock out liston?

1964 first fight 1965 second fight.