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Q: Was the candle made on purpose or by accident?
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Was the candle invented on purpose or invented on accident?

I remember hearing on a documentary that was on TV. that it was invented on accident, but I'm not sure how.

Was the grenade made on purpose or by accident?

Acually it was made for wars and it wasn't made on purpose it is important

Is life an accident?

Life is NO accident, God made you and me for a purpose. That purpose is to worship and glorify his name! Remember that in all you do!

Is a candle made from a plant?

A candle is made from a plant A candle is made from a plant

Was the cell phone invented on purpose or by accident?

on purpose and accident

Why was the electro magnet made?

it wasnt made for a purpose it happened by accident by Hans Oersted in 1820

What material made of colored candle?

If your asking what a candle is made of, it's candle wax.

Were muskrat introduced by purpose or accident?

on accident

Was the thermometer invented on purpose or by accident?

no it was not made by accident. it was made by daniel gabriel fahrenheit. he wanted to make something to measure how hot or cold it is in a specific area. that is how the thermometer was invented.

What is candle wax made from?

candle wax is made from parrafin wax

Was the automobile an accident invention or was it made on purpose?

It was no accident. Men worked long and hard to develop the automobile. I will post a link for you with lots of information.

Is candle mold made of metal or plastic for the candle?

Most Candle Molds are made from aluminum. But there are a lot of molds that are made of silicone too.

Is it by accident or on accident?

By accident (As 'by' is being used as a stand in for 'as a result of an', which is similar to, 'as a result of an action of Jeff', or 'by Jeff') This also raises the question "why is it 'by accident' but 'on purpose'?" 'On purpose' implies a following of a purpose, (i.e. "on point").

Is candle matter?

A candle is made of matter

What is the purpose of accident reporting?

purpose of accident reporting to prevent further occurrence and to learn a lesson from it.

Do men kill dolphins by accident or purpose?

Yes, men kill dolphins by accident or purpose Yes, people kill dolphins by accident or purposeYes, babies kill dolphins by accident or purposeYes, women kill dolphins by accident or purposeYes, people kill dolphins by accident or purpose

What is the purpose of a candle burner?

A candle burner, also known as a candle warmer is an electric warmer that melts a candle to release its scent. The advantages of using a candle warmers is the soot that often results from burning wax.

What is the purpose of candle toppers?

Candle toppers are used to close a jar candle. Candle toppers usually have some sort of theme, like a dog candle topper or a frog topper or a sports theme topper.

Was beryllium discovered by accident or on purpose?

Yes it was discovered on accident

What is the purpose of a battery operated candle?

The purpose of a battery operated candle is for ones safety. It is used to help people keep safe as they are safe to use. You can buy these from online.

Can you sue your car insurance if you caused the accident and you do have injuries?

if you made the accident(specially if it prove you did it on purpose) it is almost certain you will lose the lawsuit and even get sued yourself for fraud

Did the Romans invent the candle?

The Romans did not invent the candle they improved it and advanced it the egyptions originally made the candle.

What are the parts of a candle?

The parts of a candle are: candle wax and wick; wax or wick are made from different materials.

What was the purpose of the great fire of London?

It had no purpose. It was an accident, a disaster.

What is a candle wick made out of?

Candle wick is made out of braided cotton and sometimes contains a stiff core.