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no it was not

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Q: Was soccer the first sport invented?
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What sport was invented first soccer or football?


What is the first sport invented?

soccer is the first sport invented,because it was just simply kicking a ball.

Who invented the sport soccer?

soccer was invented by the united kingdome in the 1800's

Who was the inventor of the American sport soccer?

Soccer was not invented by an American

What was the first sport ever played?

The first sport ever was soccer.106 BC 2 kids made up a game were you kick the ball around.Eventually lots of people started playing the game and called it soccer.They invented the rules and today soccer is still a famous sport.

What sport was invented first football or soccer?

Football ( rugby ) was invented from soccer, when some kids picked the ball up and decided to run with it and it is named rugby because that was the name of the school (in england) where the kids did that

Is soccer the first popular sport in the world?

No, soccer was not the first popular sport in the world. Although not the first, it is now the most popular sport in the world. The first popular sport was baseball.

Was softball the first sport invented?

No it was not the first sport invented.

What sport stared first soccer or basketball?

Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith. Soccer has been around forever. It may have even been dated back to the 2nd or 3rd BC!

Who was the first person to make soccer a famous sport?

Albert Gudmundsson made soccer the first sport in iceland.

When was the first sport invented?

the first sport ever invented was rugby, in Greenland! :)

Is lacrosse the first sport invented?

yes it was the first sport invented by the Indians

What sport came first basketball or soccer?


How has soccer been changed since it was invented?

Soccer has evolved a lot from when it was first invented. One way it has changed is that when soccer was first invented, there was not a system of yellow and red cards.

What sport is older soccer or Austalian Football League?

Australian football league isnt a sport, its an organization. And im 99% sure soccer was "invented" before football

Who was the first person to invent soccer in russia?

Soccer was first played in London in 1863 so it was never invented in Russia. The British introduced soccer to Russia. The first match with all-Russian participants was played by the St. Petersburg sport hobby group on Oct. 24, 1897

Which sport was played first Baseball basketball football or soccer?

Soccer was played first.

What was the first sport ever recorded on video?

The first sport that was recorded on video was soccer

Who started or invented soccer?

i think the Chinese started a sport like soccer then other countries just kept adding on.

Was soccer the first sport?

No it was really not

Why is soccer so popular in mexico?

It is the greatest sport ever invented and it should be the most popular sport in every country.

What is the first sport in England?

Soccer is the most popular sport in England.

When was soccer officially a sport?

this was a sport in 1815 or that is when the first rules were released

What was the second sport invented?

In b.c., they would kick a ball around but they called it a different name (something we don't know), so i think soccer was the second sport to be invented.

What was the first sport played in Canada?

Lacrosse is the first sport played in Canada which is also the first sport invented.