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He wears a wilson A2k 32.5

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Q: Was size catchers mitt does Ivan rodriguez?
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What size catchers mitt does Jason varitek use?

He uses the 35 inch ALLSTAR CM3000BT catcher's mitt.

What size catchers mitt for a 7 year old?

31 inch circumference with mesh back to keep the mitt light and manageable. Akadema has best youth catchers mitt by far. Rookie Series ADS90 model

Which is better a thirty-two in a half or a thirty-four inch catchers mitt or a 34 inch mitt?

It matters what size your hand.

What is the lightest 32 inch youth catchers mitt?

Not sure with youth size, but catchers mitts made with mesh backing are usually the lightest weighted

What size catchers mitt for 16 year old?

33inch - 34inch best circumference for adult catchers mitts. Akadema patented Praying Mantis best in the game.

What size catchers mitt for a 10 year old boy?

31 inch in our 9 & 10 yr old league

Is there a size limit to the to the size of a catchers mitt?

No, but if your in the little league you shouldn't wear a Major Leage sized catchers mit. It could be as large or small as you want, but make sure that the manager or coach accepts it, and most importantly make sure that it fits you.

What are the little league rules for Catchers mitts?

Little League Rule 1.12 - A catcher must wear a catcher's mitt(not a first basemans mitt or a fielders glove) any shape, size or weight consistent with protecting the hand.

What size mitt does most college fastpitch catchers use your daughter has a 34 and the college girls mitts look so much bigger?

Catchers mitts are pretty large to begin with, but what is more important is how well she can maneuver it. She needs a glove that fits her hand well, and that she can move quickly. College players use the largest mitt available, and will often go to a Mens mitt for extra coverage, it depends on your coach.

What size mitt does most college fastpitch catchers use?

It depends on you and your personal preferences. I use a Liberty Catcher's Mit... i think it's an 11 inch. Some catchers like big gloves, other prefer smaller ones. It just depends on you. I recommend the Liberty series (they're white).

What size mitt should an 11 year girl use for fast pitch softball?

Whatever size mitt fits your hand.

What size catchers glove does yadier molina use?

34 inches

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