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Santiago Munez was not a real soccer player. He is the fictional main character of Goal!, the soccer-based trilogy about his rise to stardom.

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Q: Was sandiego munez a real soccer player?
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Is santiago munez a real soccer player?

No. he is a fictional character for only entertainment purposes

Is santiago munez is an real player in real Madrid?


Is Santiago Munez a real professional soccer player?

No, he is a fictional character from the film Goal!. He is played by actor Kuno Becker.

Is Santiago Munez real?

Santiago Munez was the ficitional professional football player from the Goal! film trilogy.

Is santiago munez a real football player?

yeah baby

Is santiago munez a real player?

no he is not, dont follow those ads on the ->

What team does Santiago Munez play for in 08 fifa?

He's not a real player he's a fictional character like in most films

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No he is just an actor

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What team does Santiago Munez play for in Goal 3?

Still Real Madrid, but at the World Cup he'd play for Mexico.

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