Was rajon rondo better than LeBron James in high school?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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LeBron James was better than rajon rondo in high school because lebron knew how to play better than rondo.

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Q: Was rajon rondo better than LeBron James in high school?
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Who is better rajon rondo or Lebron jame?


Do Rajon Rondo have a child?

Yes his name is lebron James and during the nba playoffs he was seen taking lebron to school.

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Is Jeremy lin better than rajon rondo?

rajon rodo better than jermey lin

Who is better rajon rondo or derrick rose?

D-rose cuz Rajon and the Celtics are in a slump and Rose was MVP and he's the better jumper!

Who is better chris paul or rajon rondo?

chris paul is a better leader so i say chris paul

What elementary school did rajon rondo go to?

pre school

Is Rajon Rondo better than Allen Iverson?

Allen is a little better

What is the NBAall star game 2013 squads?

East RAJON rondo,dwayne wade,lebron james,caremelo anthony,kevin garnett west Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant , Blake Griffn, Dwight Howard

What middle school did rajon rondo attend?

Meyzeek Middle School in Louisville, Ky

What school did Rajon Rondo go to?

Eastern High School and Oak Hill Academy

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