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Q: Was it ever legal to block a serve in volleyball?
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What is the fastest volleyball serve ever recorded?

the fastest serve was 153 miles an hour

How fast does a volleyball serve go?

the fastest ever was 153 miles an hour but the average in professional volleyball is around 110

Do Liberos ever serve?

No the libero does not serve. The libero is a specialist defensive player that comes onto the court to only play back court. Rule He/she may not serve, block or attempt to block.

Is substituting a server in volleyball allowed?

Yes, as someone on the bench could be a better server than the person about to serve. with what ever you are doing

Why is the point of contact important in a volleyball serve?

Because, Brandon Bowles found out that with the right oint of contact, you can aim the ball where ever you want

Can the volleyball ever hit the floor?

when ever the volleyball happens to hit the floor it will count against u

Does a volleyball game start with a jump ball?

No.. Its a coin toss or however the ref wants to do it. Which ever team gets the toss, gets to serve first.

How is volleyball different then basketball?

Both are very different sports if that's what your getting at.Volleyball's purpose is to keep the ball off the floor, as to when in basketball you must continually dribble. You cannot carry a volleyball... ever that is unless your on your way to serve

What is the highest volleyball score ever?


What is the best volleyball team ever?


Importance of volleyball?

Is the best game ever.

What is the difference between rally and standard scoring in volleyball?

With rally scoring, the team that serves the ball is the only one that can score a point. If team "A" serves, but then team "B" wins that serve, they don't receive a point it then becomes there serve. In standard scoring, who ever wins the serve gets a point.

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