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He was manager of Manchester United from 1971 to 1972

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Q: Was frank o'farrel manager of Manchester united?
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Has Manchester United ever had an Irish manager?

Manchester United's only manager from the Republic of Ireland was Frank O'Farrell, who spent 18 months at the club between June 1971 and December 1972.

Who was Manchester United's first non-English manager?

The first manager of Manchester United to have been born outside of England was John Chapman, who held the post between November 1, 1921 and October 7, 1926 - "..for improper conduct in his position as Secretary-Manager of the Manchester United Football Club". As of 2010, their only manager from outside the United Kingdom is Frank O'Farrell from the Republic of Ireland.

When did Manchester United sign Frank Stapleton?

Frank Stapleton joined Manchester United from Arsenal in 1981 for £900,000.

Who was Manchester United s captain in1927?

Frank Barson

Can Frank Ribery of Bayern Munich still come to Manchester United in the summer of 2010?

No frank Ribbery is not

How many managers have Manchester City had since Alex Ferguson became manager of Manchester United?

Alex Ferguson joined Manchester United in November 1986. Since this date, the managers of Manchester City have been: Jimmy Frizzell Mel Machin Tony Book (caretaker manager) Howard Kendall Peter Reid Tony Book (caretaker manager) Brian Horton Alan Ball Asa Hartford (caretaker manager) Steve Coppell Phil Neal (caretaker manager) Frank Clark Joe Royle Kevin Keegan Stuart Pearce Sven-Goran Eriksson Mark Hughes Roberto Mancini This is a total of 18 managers or caretaker-managers.

How many mangers have Manchester United had?

Little is known of the early managers, prior to 1892, but there have been 19 managers since then. The most notable managers have been; John Chapman (1922-1926) : First non-English manager. Matt Busby (1945-1969) : Longest serving United manager. Frank O'Farrell (1971-1972) : First foreign United manager. Alex Ferguson (1986-) : The second most successful football manager ever.

What cars has Frank Lampard got?

i don't know cause i am to buzy watching Manchester united play.

Where is Manchester Inn located?

With the name the Manchester Inn one would think that it is in Manchester City in the United Kingdom. This is not true however, the actual location is Manchester, Vermont. Its a Bed and Breakfast owned by Frank and Julie Hanes.

Who was the team captain of Manchester united in 1927?

The club captain for the period 1922-28, including the whole of calendar year 1927, was Frank Barson - who scored 4 goals in 140 games for Manchester United.

Who was Manchester uniteds first million pound signing?

Who Was Man United first million pound signing

Who is Frank Lampard's uncle?

Frank Lampard's most famous uncle is the former manager and assistant manager of West Ham United, Harry Redknapp. Lampard left West Ham following Redknapp's sacking in 2001.