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of course

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Q: Was child labor made in jordans shoes?
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Related questions

Where are jordans made?

china by child labor ...then they charge 400$ when they pay the kids less than that for the whole year

Why are jordans made from china?

becasue most jordan shoes are made from china and some jordans that coem from china are fake and not real but that why jordans are made from china

Where were air Jordans manufactured?

Air Jordans air manufacture in China. Air jordans are made many places. most jordans are made in china. alot of fakes ( fake jordans) are made in china. companies that usually unheard of are fake shoes from china. other shoes are made in new york and LA . ( stores, LA FLIGHTCLUB

Who made Jordans shoes?

Micheal jordan

Are the first pair of Air Jordans ever made worth more or less if they are baby shoes?

no there not baby shoes

Are Jordan shoes from china fake?

some jordans are made in china so NO they are not fake

What do people think the new jordans phase 23 shoes?

these jordans are really hot and spacialy made for basketball. Also RAY ALLEN wear these in the season of 2011

Are Nike Blazer Highs made for basketball?

Yes, yes they are, but i prefer using jordans or AND1 shoes.

How do you stop the child labor in India?

Find out what products are made with child labor, get people to stop buying those products because they are made with child labor.

Where were jordans made?

jordans are made in china

Was child labor needed in big business?

Yes because child labor helps the products be made

Are Jordans made in Indonesia?

Air Jordan shoes have been around since 1984 and are a part of the Nike athletic company. While many are made in Indonesia, some are also made in Vietnam and China.

Where do you buy fake shoes?

Generally, the replicas are made in China.

Who made jordans?

Michael Jordans

How are Jordans made?

Jordans are made by taking kangaroo leather and love

Is child labor in issue in India?

Child Labor in India is a big issue. In India, child labor arises out of poverty and lack of development. Mostly child labor is used in rural areas. Kids are not forcefully made to work, they work with their parents or guardians. Forced child labor is prohibited in India. Child Labor is used to survive in rural areas.

What was an argument made by progressives against child labor?

it hurt society for the children to not attend school.

Is ps3 made with child labor?


Where are josef seibel shoes made?

Originally Josef Seibel shoes were made in Germany. Now-days the are made are made in the countries with the cheap labor: Mexico, Slovakia, Tunisia.... but they cost the same if they were made in Germany and the quality is lower.

Does Kmart use child labor?

Depends on the items. Some most likely are. I do know that many toys are made using child labor and children cut diamonds in India, so out of all the things sold in Kmart many are probably made using child labor.

Where was the first pair of Jordans created?

the frist of jordans was made in nc.

How long have Nike Air Jordans been made?

The first pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes were released in 1985. New designs have been released yearly since then, and the shoes are wildly popular and often kept as collector's items.

What federal organization made it difficult to ban child labor?

May be child labor is big problem for federal organization, so it ban so far....

What are jordans made of?

there made of leater

What the reforms were made to improve working conditoins?

Child labor