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yes Baseball was very popular in the south

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Q: Was baseball popular in the south?
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What is the most popular sport in south Korea?

Baseball is most likely the most popular sport in South Korea

Is baseball popular throughout South America?

Not really. But it's popular throughout North America.

What is the most popular sport of south Korea?

The most popular sport in south Korea is one of the 3, taekwondoe, baseball, or soccer and I should know. I am from South Korea

What is a popular sport in South Korea baseball or soccer?

I hear more about baseball then I hear soccer but they do play both a lot and frequintley but I think baseball is more popular

How many baseball fields are in South Korea?

2 Baseball fields are in South Korea because it is not popular there This answer is really wrong. Actually, there are 9 pro baseball field for pro league and hundered of field for amature baseball teams. Baseball is one of top sports in southkorea and most popular sports.

Do they play cricket in South Korea?

NO. US-Style Baseball is far more popular than Cricket.

In what country is baseball popular?

The U.S., Cuba, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the Dominican Republic, and some of South America.Iceland

Is baseball popular in the us?

Baseball is very popular in the USA

Skateboarding vs baseball which is popular?

Baseball is more popular.

Why is baseball so popular in Mexico?

baseball is not popular in Mexico soccer is.

Why is baseball not popular?

Baseball is very popular. Next to football it is the most popular sport in the united states.

What are popular foods in South Dakota?

kuchen is the most popular dessert in the sate of south dakota

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