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Q: Was a super bowl ever won by a number 6 seed?
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Has a number one seed in NFL playoffs ever beaten a number five and six seed to get to the super bowl?

Yes, the 2009 Indianapolis Colts did this (amongst others).

How many number six seed team has played in the super bowl?


Has a 6 seed ever won a super bowl?

Yes. Pitt in 2005 and GB in 2010

Was Pittsburgh the first No. 6 seed to reach the Super Bowl?

Yes, the Steelers that won Super Bowl XL were the first 6 seed to make a Super Bowl.

How many first seed teams have won the Super Bowl?

17 teams won the super bowl that was the 1st seed

Lowest seed to win the Super Bowl?

6 seed

Has there ever been two 6 seed teams in the Super Bowl?

No the Jets vs. the Packers would be the first time ever

First number 6 seed to reach the Super Bowl since 1990?

2005 Pittsburgh Steelers that defeated the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.

How many 6 seeds in NFL made it to Super Bowl?

Only one sixth seed has ever even made it to the Super Bowl (2005 Pittsburgh Steelers) and they won it.

Was two number 6 seeds played in super bowl?

no Pittsburgh was a six seed and won

What seed was the giants when they won the Super Bowl in 2008?

The fifth seed

What are four number one seeds to play in the super bowl since 1990?

Super Bowl XXV (1990 season) through Super Bowl XLIII (2008 season): 1) Super Bowl XLII: AFC #1 seed New England Patriots lost to NFC #5 seed New York Giants. 2) Super Bowl XLI: NFC #1 seed Chicago Bears lost to AFC #3 seed Indianapolis Colts. 3) Super Bowl XL: NFC #1 seed Seattle Seahawks lost to AFC #6 seed Pittsburgh Steelers. 4) Super Bowl XXXIX: NFC #1 seed Philadelphia Eagles lost to AFC #2 seed New England Patriots. 5) Super Bowl XXXVIII: AFC #1 seed New England Patriots defeated NFC #3 seed Carolina Panthers. 6) Super Bowl XXXVII: AFC #1 seed Oakland Raiders lost to NFC #2 seed Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 7) Super Bowl XXXVI: NFC #1 seed St. Louis Rams lost to AFC #2 seed New England Patriots. 8) Super Bowl XXXV: NFC #1 seed New York Giants lost to AFC #4 seed Baltimore Ravens. 9) Super Bowl XXXIV: NFL #1 seed St. Louis Rams defeated AFC #4 seed Tennessee Titans. 10) Super Bowl XXXIII: AFC #1 seed Denver Broncos defeated NFC #2 seed Atlanta Falcons. 11) Super Bowl XXXI: NFC #1 seed Green Bay Packers defeated AFC #2 seed New England Patriots. 12) Super Bowl XXX: NFC #1 seed Dallas Cowboys defeated AFC #2 seed Pittsburgh Steelers. 13) Super Bowl XXIX: NFC #1 seed San Francisco 49ers defeated AFC #2 seed San Diego Chargers. 14) Super Bowl XXVIII: NFC #1 seed Dallas Cowboys defeated AFC #1 seed Buffalo Bills. 15) Super Bowl XXVI: NFC #1 seed Washington Redskins defeated AFC #1 seed Buffalo Bills. 16) Super Bowl XXV: AFC #1 seed Buffalo Bills lost to NFC #2 seed New York Giants.

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