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Typically only offensive players that handle the ball (quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers) are considered for the award, despite all positions being eligible. Only one player that was primarily a defensive player has won: Charles Woodson in 1997 from Michigan, a corner back.

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There was a kicker for the Green Bay Packers named Chester Marcol who scored a TD in 1980. The Packers and Bears were in overtime when the Packers lined up for a field goal to win the game. The Bears blocked the kick and the ball came straight to Marcol who ran around left end about 25 yards for the winning score.

I'm sure there have been others. Can anybody remember a kicker scoring a TD?

I know that Jay Feely got a rushing touchdown during a 2010 gave on a fake field goal. Also George Blanda holds the career record for touchdowns by a kicker with 7. Also Jim turner has scored a touchdown. Those are the only off of the top of my head.

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Q: Was a kicker ever nominated for the Heisman?
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