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Yes he was. In the 42nd min against Juve.

42 Zidane caught offside when clean through on Schmeichel's goal. Replay suggests a bad decision.

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Q: Was Zinedine Zidane ever caught offside?
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That zinedine zidane was the best player ever?


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The best player ever was Zinedine Zidane #10 (Retired)The current best player is Frank Ribery #7 (Bayern Munich).

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Zinedine Zidane. Coach of Real Madrid (already has back to back Champions League wins). Hails from France. Moreover, regarded as one of the best players ever in history. Won virtually every major elite competition (World Cup, European Cup & Club World Cup) + numerous World Player of the Year awards.

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91 overall 90 short passing 84 pace 89 strength 94 ball control 93 shot power Best player ever.

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Was there ever a time when you could not be ruled offside from a free kick?

During a free kick , offside rule is valid .So if the attacker is in an offside position , the offside will be called .But if there is a throw I'm , then the offside rule is not valid which means one can receive the ball in an offside position in case of a throw in.

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Zidane is so good at football because he simply is he was born with huge talent and he is quiet obviously the best footballer ever to live

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The most expensive transfer ever made is the transfer of Zinedine Zidane.From Juventus to Real Madrid.