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Q: Was Wilson in the movie Castaway a volleyball or basketball?
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What did Tom Hanks name the soccer ball in the movie Castaway?

A Wilson brand volleyball.

Are you in the movie castaway?

Yes, if your name is Tom Hanks, or you are a volleyball named Wilson.

What is that movie called with the volleyball named W ilson?


How did the face get on the volleyball in the movie castaway with Tom Hanks?

Bloodied hand print from when he cut himself. Watch the film

In Tom Hanks' 2000 movie Cast Away what is the name of the volleyball?

The volleyball was named Wilson as in the name of the manufacturer of the ball.

Why does Chuck Noland name the volleyball in the movie 'Cast Away'?

In the movie "Castaway"- Chuck Noland names the volleyball Wilson because he is loney. He does not have anyone to laugh with or talk to. So calling it a human name keeps him from feeling lonley. When he loses Wilson- he is heart broken. To keep his mind in touch with everything (like what he holds dear to him)- mainly his human sanity- he names the ball and treats the ball as a person. He talks to the ball, shares his day with the ball- but to him, it is a person. That is his last grasp on his sanity. Basically he is trying to stop himself from going mad and when he loses the volleyball- he realises that he has possibly lost the only link back to his human side.

How do you use castaway in a sentence?

Tom Hanks portrayed a castaway in the movie, "Castaway". The sole castaway on an island must fish to survive. Movies about shipwrecks in the 1700 and 1800s often depicted someone as a survivor or castaway.

What is the hometown in the movie Castaway?

The hometown is Memphis, Tennessee.

What is a side-out?

volleyball in a movie

What is the name of the movie when buddy plays volleyball?

buddy plays volleyball in the movie "air bud spikes back".

Who turned the book castaway into a movie?

The Director was Robert Zemeckis ;-)

How was fire made in the movie castaway?

he used friction from sticks