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Hard to say. The first Nike shoes were distributed to athletes that were competing in the US Olympic Track & Field Trials in 1972. Since those trials were in Eugene, Oregon, and Steve Prefontaine was one of those athletes (and went to the Summer Olympics in the 5000 meters), then we can assume that it wasn't just him that wore Nikes. He was however the first major track athlete to actively endorse and use them.

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Q: Was Steve Prefontaine the first to wear Nike shoes?
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Who wore FIRST pair of Nike shoes?

Steve "Pre" Prefontaine His running coach invented Nike Sneakers. He wore the first pair.

Who wore the first pair of Nike?

Steve Prefontaine

Who wore the first pair of shoes?

Steve Pre Prefontaine His running coach invented Nike Sneakers. He wore the first pair :)

What spikes did Steve Prefontaine run in?

Steve usually wore Adidas cleats until Bill Bowerman custom made Steve the first Nike shoes ever invented.

Who is the only athlete to have a statue on nike grounds?

Steve Prefontaine

How effective is the prefontaine running shoe?

The prefontaine running shoes are made by the company Nike. Just as any other Nike product, prefontaine running shoes are durable and an effective running shoe for keeping your feet safe and protected when working out.

What celebrities have endorsed Nike shoes over the years?

Nike has been endorsed by many celebrities over the years, but most notably by Steve Prefontaine, Michael Jordan, and Carl Lewis.

What country first made Nike?

The company that everybody knows as Nike was founded in the U.S.A. in 1964, however a shoe company in Spain registered the name Nike in 1932. Hence, all the legal battles over Nike not being given licence to sell their products at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992......"new answer" the coach of Steve Prefontaine made the nike back in the early 70's in Eugene Oregon,and they were made for track only at the time,and Steve Prefontaine coach made nike just for him to win the Olympics in munich Germany in 1972,but Steve Prefontaine did made it there.But the shoes went on to become legendary from that time on.

Where was Nike originally located?

Bill Bowerman,Phil Knight and Steve Prefontaine Eugene,Oregon

Which athletes endorse Nike running shoes?

Since the 1960s, athletes have endorsed Nike shoes. The first American athlete to endorse Nike was Steve Prefontaine in 1973. Since then, many other athletes have endoresed Nike, including John McEnroe, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Tiger Woods, and the entire Indian Cricket Team. Needless to say, many athletes stand by Nike's quality.

What were the first Nike's made?

The Nike Air Force Ones Were the first shoes that they made

Where did Nike first sell their shoes?


Where were the first shoes made?

at the nike store

What year was Nike shoes invented?

The first nike shoe was invented in 1968.

Are Nike oz skateboarding shoes?

No, but nike 6.0 and nike SB shoes are skateboarding shoes

Where did Nike sell there first shoes?

in atlanta GA

Why is Nike shoes important?

Nike shoes are important because they are running shoes.

What is the difference between Nike Free shoes and Nike Free Run shoes?

Nike free shoes are for anything but, Nike free run shoes are just for running.

Most popular sport shoes?

nike shoes,nike air jordon shoes,nike air max,nike air shox,nike air force one, in a brand shoes.

What year and month were Nike sneakers invented?

1968 was the first year that the Nike shoes invented.

When did Nike running shoes first come out?

they came out in 1984.

Who made the first pair of nike shoes?

Bill Bowerman

Where was Nike founded?

AnswerBeaverton, Oregon, United StatesUS, and in there you can buy nike free shoes,nike shox shoes,nike air max shoes and so on.

What shoes can you run faster with Nike or Reebok running shoes?


Who was the first man to run in Nike shoes?

The first person ever to run in Nike shoes was the person who invented them. becuase in order to start waring them they have to be tested. And in fact the person who made the shoes was called nike so he really named the company after his own name.