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Q: Was Peter Andre ever a professional footballer before he become a singer?
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How many years does it take to become a singer?

How many years it takes to become a singer depends on whether or not you mean a professional singer. A professional singer often practices for 6 years or more before performing on stage professionally. You might be a singer without being a professional singer as well.

How many years of college are needed to become a professional country singer?

Their is no educational requirement to become a singer.

Do you have to be a specific age to become a professional singer?


What did Aston Merrygold want to be before a singer?

He has always wanted to be a singer, But when he was a bit younger he wanted to be a singer, Actor, or footballer :) xx

How old do you need to be to become a professional singer?

There is no age you an be a singer at any age.:)

What education do you need to become a professional singer?


What degree do you need to become a professional singer?


When did John Lennon become a singer?

He turned professional when the Beatles turned professional, in 1960.

What educational training is needed to become a professional singer?

i am a kedron student and in English i am studing on what job i would like to have in the future and i want to be a professional singer and i have to find out what educational training has to taken to become a professional singer if you would please give me some answers thankyou

When was Alex Singer - footballer - born?

Alex Singer - footballer - was born on 1987-11-18.

What is the education level needed to become a professional singer?

There are no educational requirements to become a singer. However, a degree in music can certainly be beneficial.

What was Marian Anderson dreams?

To be a perfesional singer. She wanted to be a professional singer. she wanted to become a singer. her voice....... its so lovely. she aciveided it

Why did Leona Lewis want to become famous?

She wanted to be a professional singer.

What would Cher Lloyd do if she did not become a singer?

If Cher Lloyd wasn't a singer, she would have become a professional dancer, because that is one of her other passions.

Is Bob Marley the best footballer?

bob Marley is not a footballer he is a singer so,no

How manys years do you need to become a singer?

There are no set amount of years. To become a professional singer it depends on the individual, their talent, determination and commitment, and getting the right breaks.

When did Alexandra Burke become a singer?

She left school after sitting her GCSE's and started working as a singer. She became a professional singer after winning The X Factor in 2008.

Why did Aston merrygold become a singer?

Well first he wanted to be a footballer but i realised he had a great voice so i persuade him to sing..x

Is Selena gomez a professional singer?

Selena Gomez is a professional singer.

How do you become famous if you are 11?

it depends on what career you want to become famous in. If you want to be an actress/model or singer, start in a modelling agency or and acting agency or if you want to become a famous singer, start in a choir or get professional lessons.

Is Leona Lewis a librarian?

No she is a professional singer. She worked as a receptionist before being famous.

Do singing lessons help you become a better singer?

If you are born with an excellent voice and wanted to pursue a professional career in singing then it is better to attend singing lessons for it will help you and give you advice in being a professional singer.

How do you become a fantastic singer?

To become a fantastic singer, you have to learn the proper methods to sing. Otherwise, not only will you sound bad, but you could also do damage to your vocal chords. Professional lessons are highly recommended, and vocal warmups should be performed before every performance. Special care should be taken not to strain the vocal chords.

How do you become a country singer?

how to become a country singer.

Did Carrieuderwood take singing lessons?

Yes, before a singer can become know they normally have singing lessons before.

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