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Yes, Michael Jordan was a point guard player.

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Q: Was Michael Jordan a point guard player?
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What position was Michael Jordan as a Chicago bull?

Michael Jordan was a point guard.

Did Michael Jordan play point guard?

no he was shooting guard

Who was the Chicago bulls starting point guard in the 90's?

Michael Jordan

What is the guard in basketball?

there are to things a guard can be 1. point guard- example- magic johson 2. shooting guard- example- Michael Jordan

Which player controls the offense in basketball?

Generally speaking, it is the point guard that controls the offensive by distributing the ball to other offensive players. It's a rare situation when a point guard is not charged with running the offensive. The classic case might be the Bulls when Michael Jordan was playing. Although he dominated the offensive ( and defense) under normal situations a guard would bring the ball into play, the point guard. Although Jordan was the "off guard", he would normally receive the ball from a point guard.

What was Michael Jordan's position in the NBA?

Think of Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade. Jordan was a combo guard, or in other words played both the shooting and point guard positions throught the game.

What position did Michael Jordan play for Chicago Bulls?

Mainly shooting guard, but occasionally used at the point or small forward.

Who is the next Michael Jordan?

LeBron JamesNobody in the NBA can beat LeBron one on one without a referee, plus like Jordan, LeBron can play the post and point guard.

What NBA player holds the career for most 50 point games in the playoffs?

Michael Jordan - 8

What does Jordan Clarkson play?

Jordan Clarkson plays point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.

What is the highest point in the country Jordan?

Michael Jordan's hair before he retired.

Who score the most point between Jordan vs Kobe?

Michael Jordan

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