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Q: Was Kobe Bryant in the Olympics before?
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How many medals does Kobe Bryant have and what for?

For the Olympics

What was Kobe Bryant's number in the 2008 Olympics?


How many Olympics has Kobe Bryant participated in?

He played in the 2008 & 2012 Olympics.

What is a Panathenaic event that is part of your present Olympics?

Kobe Bryant

How many times has Kobe Bryant played in the Olympics?


When was Kobe Bryant first time in Olympics?

In 2008 in Beijing

How old was Kobe Bryant at his first Olympics?

12, he is the youngest athlete to compete in olympics history.

Who is the most famous basketball player in the 2012 Olympics?

Kobe Bryant

How many Olympics has Kobe Bryant participated?

Basketball player Kobe Bryant has participated in two (2)Olympic Games, Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

Did Kobe Bryant get a gold medal?

YES as a player for Team USA at the Olympics

What is Kobe byrant middle name?

Kobe Bryant's name is Kobe Bryant.

How bad Kobe Bryant Sucks?

Kobe Bryant does not suck! Kobe Bryant is VERY GOOD.