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No! That's impossible. Kirby Puckett was born in 1960. Video game character Kirby wasn't introduced into the mainstream media until 1992.

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Q: Was Kirby Puckett named after the video game character Kirby?
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Is the video game character named Kirby a boy or a girl?

Kirby is a boy.

Who loves Kirby the most?

Well, this character doesn't appear in the video game, but in the Kirby cartoon, there's a female character named Tiff that really cares about Kirby and is always on his side.

What is the most worst video game character made?


What is the best Kirby site to go to?

If you mean Kirby as in the video game character, then I recommend kirby' It has all kinds of stuff having to do with Kirby.

What is the history behind Kirby The video game character?

Watch the first episode of the TV series.

How did Kirby come?

Nintendo created Kirby as a character for a video game. That is how he came to be. If you want to watch the first episode of the t.v. series, view the link below for another example.

Who would win in a fight Mario or Kirby?

Kirby is pink like a pig, which means he's gluttonous. Also, Kirby is a mere 8 inches tall and Mario is about 8 times taller. Kirby shouldn't even be considered a boy! He's a discrace to video games! What kind of video game character eats their own enemies?

What country did the name Kirby come from?

kirby came from a video game and a girl with the last name kirby like megan kirby

What video game has a lead character named Caim?

The video game that had a lead character named Caim is Matt Caim's Perfect Game. One can learn more about this unique game at the official MLB website.

Is Mario really fake or is he real?

Mario is a fictional video game character. Though, some people in the world are named 'Mario', so people named 'Mario' are real, but the video game character isn't.

What are some videos with a character named Charlie?

There are many videos with a character named Charlie. The most recognizable is the "Charlie the Unicorn" online video series that depicts the adventures of a unicorn named Charlie.

Where did Kirby from the video game come from?

Kirby is was created by Nintendo, but in the show Kirby was created to destroy. He was not obeying his master so he got rid of Kirby.

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