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Q: Was Kerry Wood ever on the Cleveland Indians?
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When and where did baseball player Ever Magallanes play?

Ever Magallanes debuted on May 17, 1991, playing for the Cleveland Indians at Cleveland Stadium; he played his final game on May 22, 1991, playing for the Cleveland Indians at Cleveland Stadium.

Have the Cleveland Indians ever won the champion ship?

The Indians last world series victory was in 1948. =[

When did Indians ever win world series?

It's been a while, but the Cleveland Indians won the Series in 1948 and 1920.

Who did the Marlins beat to win their first-ever World Series title?

Cleveland Indians

Youngest player to ever play for Cleveland Indians?

The 17-year old Feller became the youngest player ever to play a regular season game.

Has there ever been a city with three major sports to never win a championship?

Cleveland is claose but the Indians have won before

Has it ever snowed during the World Series?

i believe it snowed during the Cleveland Indians/Florida marlins series in 1997

What team did Satchel Paige play for and what position did he play?

Cleveland Indians. He was the oldest rookie ever to play major league ball.

Did Kerry Collins ever attend university of South Carolina?

Kerry Collins attended Penn State University.

Did Kerry king ever record any songs with megadeth?


Has Jim leyland ever managed a world series winner?

Yes, he managed the Florida Marlins that won the 1997 World Series over the Cleveland Indians.

Is Nolan Ryan the fastest pither ever?

No. He had one of the fastest pitches ever, but not the fastest. Bob Feller, a hall of famer, who played for the Cleveland Indians from 1936-1941, served in the navy from 1941-1945, then came back and finished his carreer with the Indians from 1945-1956, had the fastest fastball ever clocked at 107.9 mph.

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