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yes, they were seeing each other because it's a show and they don't really fight each other and the blood you see is in the hands of the referee you don't actually believe that they really fight.

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Q: Was Kane and Undertaker seeing each other after the fire?
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Why didn't undertaker want Kane to go back to WWF?

i think it is because Kane hates undertaker and undertaker hates Kane but they still support each other

Why do the undertaker and Kane hate each-other?

Answerlisten they don't hate each other what makes you think that? AnswerSince the Undertaker and Kane are half brothers, they hated each other because Undertaker set Kane on fire when they were kids. that's why Kane had third degree burns. that's why Kane wore a you idiot Undertaker hates Kane for killing there parents.AnswerThe on screen characters Kane and Undertaker no longer hate each other....they tend to try and "one up" each other, but generally enjoy working together. I don't know if Mark Calaway and Glen Jacobs like each other or not...that sounds like a good question to ask

Are Kane and undertaker related to each other in any way?

Yes there brother's

Why aren't Kane and undertaker not born in the same coutry?

Because the are not related to each other

Why is it a secret that undertaker Kane and Lita are related?

Undertaker, Kane, and Lita are NOT related. If you think they are, it's probably from a storyline that the WWE went with. I know years ago Kane and Undertaker were brothers. But in real life, none are related to each other whatsoever. So, there is no secret because it's not true.

Are undertaker an Kane brothers for real?

Yeah they were really brothers for real as if they like to kill each other for some reasons

History of Kane and undertaker?

Kane and undertaker are brothers, and they've always hated each other. they've competed in inferno matches, burried alive matches, and casket matches. Kane has always seemed to have gotten rid of undertaker, but the undertaker always seems to "return from the dead". it's been a while since taker and Kane have been in the same ring. (as of may 2012) but don't expect that to last long ;)

Why did undertaker burn Kane?

it was on a scirp u idoit it was on a scirp and in real life Kane aka glen and undertaker aka mark are best firend they will and they'll never and i mean never burn each other like there just firends

When did brothers of destruction split up?

I'm Not positive But I think It was a result of Kane getting undertaker upset and either Kane attacked Taker or Taker Attacked Kane But after Kane and Undertakers Match With Each Other They Came Back Together

Is Undertaker and Kane real borthers?

Of course, they are. I knew it from a biography of Undertaker, where he claims Kane to be his own younger brother. August 25, 2008 NO!!!!!!!!!!! they are not related to each other at all. It is for story line only!!!!! Both the book biography and video biography, stating the real life of Kane say that they are related.

Who is the undertaker and Kane half sister who is a pro wrestler?

i think the half sister is jenny gallaway There isn't a sister or half sister and they are not related to each other

Who has won more matches against each other the undertaker or batista?

the undertaker

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