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No, he was not. He was instead scheduled to return to the England training camp later on.

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Q: Was Jermaine Defoe replaced for the 2012 European Championship because of his father's death?
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What happen after the Jackson 5?

the Jackson 5 ended because Jermaine Jackson would not sign a contract to go from Motown records to CBS records with his brothers. so what happend is Michael, Marlon, Tito, and Jackie went to CBS records without Jermaine and renamed there group The Jacksons and replaced Jermaine with there youngest brother randy. (Not Randy Jackson the American Idol juege, he has no relation to that family.) they were very succsessful and made many hits.

Did Michael Jackson hated his brother Jermaine because in the grammys he said he loved his brothers even Jermaine?

i think it was a joke more than anything.

Why did Jermaine Jackson quit Jackson 5?

because he wanted to

Why did Jermaine Jackson get kicked out of The Jackson's?

Jermaine did not get kicked out of the Jackson 5 they left him because they wanted more freedom to write their own songs but Berry Gordy and Motown did not want to give it to them. Jermaine was married to Berry's daughter Hazel at the time and felt he should not leave Motown because that is where they found their fame.

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Jermaine was with original Jackson 5 and the Jacksons. When they Jacksons left Motown and was signed with Epic Records, Jermaine stayed on with Motown because his girlfriend/ wife is the daughter of Berry Gordy, Jr., President of Motown records. Jermaine sustained a somewhat lucrative solo career.

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Jermaine Jones 25 years old | Pine Hill, NJ

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Tito is older. It may appear that Jermaine is older during theyre mid/late career in j5 because he outgrew his older brother and ended up being before him in everything for some reason. Also there is a documentary on the 5 saying Jermaine is older than Tito witch is false Tito is a year older

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