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of course. he risked his life by jumping through titantrons and smashing his body through tables. He also innovated the fame of TLC. Somehow, the PG era of WWE misused this asset of his. Jeff Hardy is Vince's money maker next to Cena, but the difference is that Jeff could truly wrestle like magic.

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Q: Was Jeff Hardy a good wrestler on WWE?
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Who is the Yougest WWE wrestler?

At 16 Jeff Hardy was the youngest wrestler ever in the wwe

Can Jeff hardy be my manager in the WWE?

No. He is a wrestler not a manager.

Is the most popular wrestler in the WWE Jeff hardy?

Yes it is obvious the high-flyer is on top of WWE!!!!! Hardy Hardy

Is Jeff hardy a great wrestler?

Jeff Hardy is an American professional wrestler associated with WWE. He has won a total of 22 championships so far, including one WWE Championship.

Is Jeff hardy the cutest wrestler on WWE?

That depends on who you are and what your taste is. I think the cutest wwe wrestler is Kelly Kelly.

Is Jeff hardy a celebrity?

yes because he is a wwe wrestler

Who is the youngest WWE wrestler ever?

Jeff Hardy was 16 when he first signed with WWE.

Jeff hardy is the best WWE wrestler ever?

no the best wrestler ever is bret hart

Who is the worlds best WWE wrestler?

jeff hardy

Wwe wrestlers that had a addition to drugs?

The only wwe wrestler that had a addition to drugs was Jeff Hardy.

Who is the best WWE wrestler alive?

Jeffrey Nero hardy a.k.a Jeff hardy

Who is Beth Britt?

Beth Britt is the girlfriend of wwe wrestler Jeff hardy.

Who was the worlds biggest WWE wrestler ever?

Jeff hardy

Is jeff hardy the hottest wrestler?

Yes many people think Jeff Hardy is one of the hottest wrestlers. Jeff Hardy wrestled in the WWE and is currently wrestling in the Independent circuit.

Can you be 16 to be in WWE?

WWE wrestler, Jeff Hardy worked in WWE at the age of 16 as a jobber, so you actually could be in WWE at that age.

Which show will wrestler Jeff hardy be on raw smackdown or ecw when he returns to the wwe and when will he appear on tv?

Jeff Hardy returned to WWE RAW after a three year abscence from the WWE. He appeared on TV on August the 21st 2006.

Will Jeff hardy ever come back to WWE?

Jeff Hardy will be back in WWE eventually. As of 2010, Jeff Hardy is signed with WWE.

What is Jeff hardys religion?

Jeff Hardy is a former professional wrestler in the WWE. His religion is thought to be Christian. He is from North Carolina.

When did Jeff Hardy release Theme Song?

Jeff Hardy released Theme song in 2007. Jeff Hardy is a famous American wrestler and he is part of the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment, also known as WWE.

Is Jeff hardy leaving WWE for good?


When was WWE wrestler Jeff hardy born?

August 31, 1977 (31 years-old)

Who is Jeff hardy the WWE smackdown wrestler dating?

He isn't daing anyone he is married to Beth

Is Jeff hardy a current wrestler?

Yes, not with WWE, but with rivals TNA (total nonstop action)

When will Jeff Hardy be back in WWE?

It is unknown when or if Jeff Hardy will be returning to WWE.

When Jeff hardy return to WWE?

jeff hardy return to wwe in royal rumbel 2012 and if he is not return jeff hardy never come back to wwe