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the first african-american

to play Baseball. #42

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Yes Jackie Robinson is an American hero. Without him, who knows if black people would still be playing. Also he was a lieutenant in WWII. Yes he is a hero.

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Of course

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yes he is

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Q: Was Jackie Robinson a good role model?
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Why is Jackie Robinson such a role model?

he was the first african to break the color barrier

Who did Jackie Robinson look up to?

Jackie Robinsons role model was someone named ____. Look him up.

What was Jackie Robinson's personality?

he was persistent and a great role model for young baseball players.

Is Jackie Robinson a good or bad influence?

well for what he has done its very courageous. i mean he broke the color barrier in baseball ! he didn't care what people thought or even what they said like even if u look @ is quotes ~To answer the question is Jackie Robinson a good or bad influence? He is an excellent influence. A great role model.

Who inspired Jackie Robinson for what he became famous for?

His brother Matthew Robinson inspired him to follow his love for athletics.

Who is a good person to do a black history report on?

Jackie Robinson There are some that played a major role in history: Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Park are my favourite.

What words describe jackie robinson?

Jackie Robinson was a great man. There are many words that can describe him. He was patient, courageous, a role model, a fighter, and talented.

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