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Aaron was Height 6' 0", Weight 180 lb.

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Q: Was Hank Aaron one of the tallest baseball players?
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What famous baseball players wore the number 44?

Hank aAron

What major league baseball players name starts with an h?

hank aaron

What famous baseball players wore number 44?

Hank Aaron, Willie McCovey, and Reggie Jackson.

What year did Hank Aaron retire from baseball?

Hank Aaron retired from baseball in 1976.

Baseball players beginning with A?

First Name or Last Name? First Name Aaron Judge Last Name Ronald Acuna Jr. Hank Aaron.

What is the MLB Hank Aaron award?

The Hank Aaron award is an annual award given out to the Major League Baseball players who are selected as the top hitter in each league. The players are voted on by the fans and members of the media.

Does Hank Aaron still play baseball in 2008?

No. Hank Aaron retired from baseball in 1976.

Who did aaron copland look up to?

Hank Aaron always looked up to him Mom, Dad , and the other baseball players on the League

Did Hank Aaron sign his baseballs as Henry Aaron?

Did Hank Aaron ever sign baseball Henry Aaron?

What baseball players wore number 44?

Two of the most famous were Hank Aaron and Willie McCovey.

Who is better Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth?

Not to compare Babe Ruth with Hank Aaron, players from two different eras. The numbers that Babe Ruth put up as compared to the players in his own era, there is no question that Babe Ruth was the greatest baseball player of all time, and he was also a great pitcher. Not taking away from Hank Aaron's accomplishments. babe Ruth is the best baseball player of all time hank aaron sucks

What are personality traits of Hank Aaron?

Hank Aaron was a baseball player not a basketball player.

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