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ECW is just as real or fake as regular Wrestling except it was a more violent and fast paced federation compared to WCW or WWF . Wrestling is 50 percent real and 50 percent fake sure its scripted but if your hit with a chair that hurts I don't think there is one wrestler who has never gotten an injury from wrestling.

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Q: Was ECW real
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Is ecw real or fake?

ECW no longer exsists

Is ecw fake?

No ECW was real in the 90's it was never scripted it was all real the chairs , the tables , the bobwire. ECW was the most extreme wrestling of its kind.

Is there a real pro wrestling company?

There was. ECW was real before WWE took ECW over. But there are more real ones. NWF,WAW,UWO,TNA, and TWF

Was ECW Real or Scripted?

Its complicated, all pro wrestling that you know it technically fake, WWF, WWE, WCW, AEW TNA, ect including ECW, but ECW was by far the most real, here's why, in WWE every second and every little thing is scripted, but in ECW the matches are pre determined but most bumps are real, because ECW is the most brutal, so brutal that you CAN'T fake it, ECW gives much more freedom to all their employees than other companies like WWE, the ECW promos are mostly made by the stars themselves, and the bumps and moves by the ECW stars are made up as they go along, so ECW is technically fake wrestling but its real in a way.

Is ECW real?

The show? Of course. The matches? Definentily not.

Was the classic ecw wrestling real?

Yes, it was great.

Is WWE ecw real?

no the wwe is all fake raw smack down and ecw are all fake the weapons are made out of foam

What Is Tiffany's Real Name In Ecw?

Taryn Terrell who was born December 28, 1985 in New Orleans, Louisiana currently wrestles under the ringname of Tiffany in ECW.

What is Boogeymans real name?

=== === But now he's back on ecw

Is hard core wrestling real?

The new ECW is as fake as the WWE the old ECW was still staged but they gave their wrestler the freedom to show how hardcore they could be. They still took measures to make sure the damage inflicted was minimal but still sometimes the pain was real.

Why didn't ecw join with wwf before the WWE came?

The "ECW" isn't the same ECW from back in the day. The current "ECW" has virtually no ties with the old ECW.

What titles were in ecw in the 90's?

ecw world heavyweight championship ecw tag team championship ecw ftw championship ecw television championship ecw Maryland championship ecw Pennsylvania championship

Is vince McMahon going to fire ecw?

He owns ECW no he is not firing ECW...he is changing the name

Who is current ecw champion?

There is no longer an ECW championship but last ECW champion was Ezekial Jackson

What happened to ECW toys?

ECW toys were replaced with WWE toys. This happened when ECW was admitted into the WWE.

Tommy Dreamer is the hart of ecw?

ye he is the longest person on ecw and ecw will fall apart when he leaves

What is going to happen to the ECW superstars after ECW ends?

some ecw superstars will join raw and smackdown

Will ecw return?

ECW will return eventually.

What channle is ecw on?

ECW no longer remains

Will christian be ecw champion?

* He IS the ecw champion!

What is the current ECW Roster?

ECW no longer exists. NXT took it's place. So the superstars on ECW either went to RAW, SmackDown, or left WWE. Like: 1. Zack Ryder- ECW- RAW 2.Yoshi Tatsu- ECW- RAW 3. Christian- ECW- SmackDown! 4. Ezekiel Jackson- ECW- RAW 5. Goldust- ECW- RAW 6. Tommy Dreamer- ECW- TNA 7. Tazz- ECW- TNA 8. Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft- ECW- Smackdown! 9. Jack Swagger- ECW- Smackdown! 10. Matt Hardy- ECW- Smackdown- Left WWE- Possibly TNA soon 11. Mark Henry- ECW- RAW 12. Sheamus- ECW- RAW 13. Super Crazy- ECW- Left WWE 14. Evan Bourne- ECW- RAW 15. CM Punk- ECW- Smackdown- RAW 16. Bobby Lashley- ECW- Left WWE 17. Bella Twins- ECW- RAW 18. Chavo Guererro- ECW- Smackdown! 19. John Morrison and The Miz- ECW- RAW 20. Rob Van Dam- ECW- TNA

Why was ecw cancelled?

It was cancelled for NXT. I miss ECW!:(

Is half of wrestling fake?

Wrestling Can Be Fake and Real , TNA Wrestling is 50 Percent real and 50 Percent Fake , As For The WWE They Are Like 65 Percent Fake and 45 Percent real , ECW Was all Real In The Ring but Was Staged , Wrestling is both Fake and Real.

What are the best ECW websites?

Go to and there is a section about ecw

Can you unlock ECW in svr07?

No you can't but SVR08 and SVR09 has ECW in it