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No. LA Galaxy was his third team. Manchester United was his first and Real Madrid was his second

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Q: Was David Beckhams second team LA Galaxy?
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What was David Beckhams first soccer team?

Manchester United

What are all of David Beckhams endorsements?

his first football team was Ridgway Rovers

What is the name of David Beckhams new soccer team?

David Beckham currently plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy in the MLS and the England National Team. He has recently played for Italy's AC Milan during the Major League Soccer offseason.

Which MLS team does David Beckham play for?


What team does David Beckam play on?

La Galaxy

Which team does David Beckham currently play for?

La galaxy

What team does david beckam play for?

L.A. Galaxy, in America.

David Beckham played in which American team?

LA Galaxy

What is the name of the team David Beckham play for?

The name of the team David Beckham plays for is called Los Angles Galaxy.

Does David Beckham play for an English team?

No David Beckham plays for a team in the U.S.A called Los Angeles Galaxy.

What team number is david beckham on the LA Galaxy?

Number 23

What team is david beckham on fifa 11 PC?

LA Galaxy