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Cathy Freeman was Australia's first aboriginal Track and Field athlete and in 1992 she became the first Australian Aborigine to compete in the Olympic Games and in 1990 became the first to win a medal in an international track meet (bronze in the 4x400 meter relay at the Auckland Commonwealth Games in 1990).

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Q: Was Cathy Freeman the first aboriginal track and field athlete?
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What is Cathy Freeman's occupation?

Cathy freeman does track and field.

What is Cathy's occupation?

Cathy freeman does Track and Field.

What Australian women have won gold medals in track and field?

sally pearson and cathy freeman

Who made Cathy Freeman want to run?

She was encouraged to run track and field by her stepfather, Bruce Barber. Her paternal grandfather, Frank Fisher, had been an outstanding rugby player in the Aboriginal Leagues. She won her first track championship at the age of 8.

What are Cathy Freemans biggest achievements?

Cathy Freeman was the first Australian female to win a gold medal at an international athletics event.. She was also the first track and field Australian female to win a world championship.

Who was the first Australian aboriginal to win a medal at the olympic games?

That was Cathy Freeman who won silver in the women's 400 meter run on July 29, 1996. Three days later (August 1, 1996) Nova Peris-Kneebone won a gold medal with the Australian field hockey team.

What sports did Cathy Freeman do?

Track and field, most famous for carrying Australian flag in 2000 games. She also won the 400 m dash in the same games.

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She was a track& field athlete.

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