Warmest temp. football game

Updated: 8/17/2019
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the warmest temp in footy was 36 degrees c.

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Q: Warmest temp. football game
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What is the warmest temp of the south Pacific Ocean?


Warmest ocean you've been in Where What temp?

Atlantic, Florida 80+ degrees.

What is the hottest grand prix in Formula 1?

The warmest F1 GP was the 1955 Argentine GP. With air temp at 40C or 104F and tack temp of 51C or 122F.

What choice the warmest temp 303k 20c 77f 501r?

The highest temperature is 303 kelvin.

Why are the months of January and July selected for analysis of global temp patterns?

Because the two extremes of temperatures are in those months. In the northern hemisphere the coldest temperatures would be in January and the warmest in July. In the southern hemisphere the warmest temperatures would be in January and the coldest in July.

What is the warmest city in winter in south Africa?

Yes is the warmest city in South Africa but not the warmest town! Johannesburg have warm weather on a more constent basis, meaning daily summer temp of between 28 - 33 degrees celcius while Cape Town have temp going as high as 42 degrees and sometimes even higher. If all of these are taken into consideration and look at the averages as provided by the South African Weather Services then Cape Town average is 23 degrees and Johannesburg 21 degree, following by Pretoria. The smaller towns in South Africa can get much warmer with temp very high up in the 40's!

Which New England state is warmest?

Connecticut is the warmest of all New England states temps usually 87-98 degrees in the summer. In Connecticut droughts are familiar in some parts of the state. The second warmest is Massachusetts particularly in the south eastern part of the state average temp 85-95 summer droughts unusual. The comes Rhode island average summer temp 82-93 droughts uncommon. New Hampshire average summer temp 79-88. Vermont slightly cooler than New Hampshire average summer temp 78.5-86. In both New Hampshire and vermont drought is very uncommon. Then in Maine average summer temp 76-84.5 drought rare.

What is the warmest temp in iceland?

The highest temperature recorded was 30.5°C in "the Eastern fjords" (Austfirðir) in 1939. It also reached 29.7°C in Þingvellir in July 2008.

What is the average temp in grasslands year round?

July is the average warmest month in the grasslands. January is usually the coolest month. Summer temperatures can be over 100 degrees.

What is the warmest city in Alaska year round?

Southeast's Annette is the state's warmest town, based on its yearly average of about 46 degrees Fahrenheit (which is due to its stable, maritime climate. If you really want heat, the town with the warmest average high temperature in July is Fairbanks, at 73 degrees). The coldest town with long-term weather records is Barrow, with an average yearly temp of 10.4 degrees.

What feature of Jerusalem tells you that Jerusalem has a steppe climate?

This contains 3: 10.7 inches of rain per year, few trees, short grass vegetation, and warmest month average temp of 87 degrees fair in height.

What was the hottest recorded temp in St. Louis mo in 20112?

The hottest recorded temperature in Saint Louis, Missouri was 107 degrees Fahrenheit. The month of July has the warmest temperatures.