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arsenal players get 20,000 a week

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Q: Wages for arsenal wages
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What is Fabregas's wages?

The weekly wages of Cesc Fabregas the Arsenal midfielder is rroughly between 60,000 and 80,000 pounds a week.

Who is the highest paid arsenal player?

Francesc Fabregas - Arsenal Captain - £110,000 a week wages plus bonuses.

What is the Theory of Negotiated Wages?

What determines wages in The Theory of Negotiated Wages

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it increased wages

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30% off of minimum wages = 30% discount applied to the minimum wages = minimum wages - (30% * minimum wages)

What is the journal entry for outstanding wages?

debit wages expensescredit wages payable

What are taxing wages?

Taxing wages would have to be wages that you have worked for and earned by providing services for an employer.

What are the Forms of wages?

Wages have been classified into three different categories. The categories are living wages, minimum wages, and fair wages. Living wages are often defined as the wages needed in order to provide the necessities in order to live; such as food, clothing, and housing. Minimum wage is determined by the government, and are the lowest wages one can legally earn. Fair wage is the mean between the living wage and the minimum wage.

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wages expense and wages payable

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becuse was the wages

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Wages after deductions for pensions, taxes etc.

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NO, wages, NO garnishment.

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