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ther is Diego maredona Pele but the best is Lionel Andres messi

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Q: WHO was the first worlds best football player?
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Who is the worlds best player at football?

lionel messi

Whos the worlds best football player?

Darren Scott

Who is the worlds best female football player?

Marta, from the Brazilian nationalteam..

Who is the worlds best american football player?

peyton manning of the indianapolis colts

Is Ronaldiniho the worlds best football player?

No. Ronaldinho had his fame and his era is passing now. The current worlds best player is Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is in a close second

Who is the worlds best football player?

I think it's Christiano Ronaldo

Who is the worlds best player in football in 2009?

Lionel Messi Has Won The Balon D'or Which is a trophy for best player in Europe which makes him the Best Player In the World.Lionel MessiClub: BarcelonaNation: Argentina

Who is the best player in Real Madrid?

MASOOD JAFARI the worlds best soccer player ever in history of football

Who is the worlds best attacking player in football?

Lionel Messi is. He plays for FCBarcelona and Argentina National team.

Worlds best goalkeeper?

Fabianski arsenal the worlds best football team ever

Did Bo Jackson change American history?

yes he was the worlds best football player that played at Auburn University

Who is the worlds second best football player?

That all depends on who you think the first is, either Rooney, Ronaldo or Messi. These three are easily the top three in the world right now.