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both of them are

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Q: WHO shoes are better lebrons or Dwyane Wades?
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What is lebrons favorite thing to do?

Well ,I think you should ask lebrons himself! Maybe Lebrons Nike shoes in hot sell. Maybe you can get some latest style Lebrons shoes at

Does Dwyane Wade wear converse shoes?


What shoes does Dwyane Wade have?

Nikis and vans and pumas

Where can you buy Dwyane Wade shoes?

click on the link below

What shoes does Dwyane Wade wear?

Fly Wade 2

What is better to where in the laboratory tennis shoes or leather shoes?

Tennis shoes is a whole lot better.

What is the lowest price one can get for some Dwyane Wade shoes?

Dwayne Wade shoes are very popular and can be found at shoe sites such as zappos. Also check on Amazon or eBay which tend to carry many varieties of shoes at lower prices.

Which is better Kobe Bryant shoes or LeBron James shoes?

lebron James shoes are better. they have better styles colors and more people buy them.

Which is better air walk shoes or donnay shoes?

I think that Airwalk is better

Which is better puma shoes or vinking shoes?

vinking shoes

What is better skate shoes or basketball shoes?

AnswerBasketball shoes.AnswerSkate shoes are better.Bull crap. Skate shoes don't do anything except extra grip, which annoy your legs. Basketball shoes look better and work better :PI agree with basketball shoes being better^_^

Has anyone ever ordered shoes from

I have numerous times. I got south beach lebrons, concord/bred/space jam 11's, and Chicago 10's along with other shoes from the site and I've never had a complaint. They don't accept PayPal anymore though.

What does it is better to wear out ones shoes than to wear out ones paper mean?

It means that papers are better than shoes so it is better to wear out your shoes than your paper

Will walking shoes have better grip on a shoe than running shoes?

Running shoes are better than walking shoes in terms of skip proof. If not, it will be rather dangerous for wearer.

How much do Converse wades cost?

Converse shoes that are signed off by Wade will mostly go in retail for a fixed price of 90 dollars in America. In other countries this may be cheaper of more expensive.

How do I get better tracking on my running shoes?

The best place to get better tracking on running shoes would be to add extra padding to the shoes. You can go to the shoe stores and have your tracking shoes added with more sole of the shoes which is worth it.

Why are the Mizuno Wave Rider 12 running shoes better than others?

The reason why they are better than most shoes is because Mizuno is an upper end brand of running shoes and they have better support. But you always want the shoes that feel the best.

Which shoe results in a better performance tennis shoes or spike shoes?

tennis shoes

Are Kobe shoes better than M.J shoes?


Vans shoes vs converse shoes who is better?


What shoes are better Adidas or Jordans?

Jordans by far...they look a lot better as sneakers and as dressy shoes as well

What are flamenco shoes called?

Flamenco shoes. Improve this if you have a better answer. Maybe DANCING SHOES>

Did shoes in the colonial days show wealthiness?

Yes, the better made were made of a better leather and women often wore velvet, wool, or brocade shoes as dress shoes.

Can you wear beige shoes with a black dress?

Dark shoes better.

What is better Ecko shoes or DC shoes?

DC shoes are better, without a doubt. Much more comfortable and more attractive. Although both are "skater" shoes, DC's last a very long time and are very durable.