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I can only guess the the number of wins are 4....

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Q: WHICH year was the most wins in a row to begin a season for the New York Mets?
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Which baseball team lost the most games in a season?

the new york mets

What New York Mets pitcher has the most base hits in one season?

mike hampton?

Who had the most saves for the Mets in one season?

Armando Benitez holds the record for most saves in a singles season by a New York Met with 41, in 2001.

Who holds the record for most triples in a season for the New York Mets?

Through the 2008 season, that is Lance Johnson with 21 triples in 1996.

Most Mets wins in a season?

108 in the 1986 season

Who has the most stolen bases in a season without being caught stealing?

Kevin McReynolds of the 1988 New York Mets with 21.

Most Mets team wins in a season?

108 in the 1986 season

Where is the 2013 all-star game?

The most likely site is Citi Field, the new home of the New York Mets since the 2009 season. The Mets haven't hosted an All-Star Game since 1964, their first season in Shea Stadium.

Is nas a mets fan?

Most likely, he is originally from queens, New York and most of the people there are Mets Fans.

Who has the most single season rbi's for the mets?

Mike Piazza, and David Wright hold the Mets record for most RBIs in a single season with 124. Piazza did it in 1999, and Wright did it in 2008.

How many Most Valuble Players do the Mets have?

As of the 2008 season, no New York Mets player has ever been named National League MVP. Two Mets have won the National League Cy Young Award, Tom Seaver (1975, 1973, and 1969) and Dwight Gooden (1985).

What number was worn by the most different New York Mets?