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Q: WHICH is the best football team in barclays premire league?
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Are Manchester Utd?

Manchester United are a Team in the Football League - Barclays Premier League. They are the BEST Football Team in the World.

Which is the best football team in Barclay's premire league between Manchester united and Chelsea?

It is Manchester United as they have won more e.P.l. 18 in all.

Who is the best barclays football team?


Uefa and premire league which in greater in cup value in dollars?

It is U.E.F.A or Champion League, as here you are the best club in Europe, while Premier league you are the only club best in a country.

Best coach ever in Barclays premier league?

herbet Chapman

The best coach in barclays premier league?

Alex Ferguson of Manchester United

The best football player?

I think it is Ronaldo is the best at skills. Messi best at scoring. and in barclays preimer leauge it is vam persie.

What league is Manchester United on?

Manchester United F.C is the best club and most famous football club in THE WORLD.It plays the FA Community Shield , FA Cup ,UEFA Champions League,World Club Championship and the Barclays Premier League. Written by Xtreme Nice to answer u ..

What league is the best football player in?

This will depend on who you believe to be the best football player.

What is the best College football league?


What do people in England call soccer?

Yes, it is probably the most popular sport. It is called football and the Barclays Premier League is arguably the best league in the world.

Which premier league football team is the best?